The rating of the global competitiveness of the United States registered a decrease after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

In the IMD World Competitiveness Center 2017 report, Uncle Sam ranks fourth in the 63 countries surveyed.

The report says that global business executives’ perceptions of the US economy have been compounded by the growing question of protectionism and the threat of political instability after Trump’s election.

The situation has left the United States out of the top three positions it has held in recent years. The United States should be happy to be under Hong Kong, Switzerland and Singapore. Although Washington ranked first in 2015.

“I am confused with the US, to be honest, because they are usually consistent among the top three. Obviously there is an increasingly negative perception in this country,” said senior economist IMD Center for Global Competitiveness Jose Caballero, As quoted by Bloomberg, Thursday (6/1/2017).

Caballero, however, said polls conducted by more than 6,250 global business executives have no political trends across the country, including the United States. He affirmed, there are 261 indicators that are considered by the institution.

Business executives, he added, feared that the threat of protectionism and political instability would undermine the efficiency of their business in the United States. Although, entrepreneurs are optimistic about the US economy. Will be slightly helped by the decrease in unemployment and the beginning of a stable national inflation rate.

Caballero said the next year’s Global Competitiveness Report aims to provide a clearer and clearer picture of the impact of Trump’s leadership on the competitiveness of US companies.

The reason, Washington is expected to begin to show clarity about Trump’s policy campaigns over the years. Some of the policies that are expected to increase US global competitiveness. Are the cuts in national fiscal tariffs and the deregulation of business rules that have been repeated by the presidential cabinet of the 45 United States.