The effect of marketing on business activities

Business is to sell products that can be goods and services, where goods and services produced must have high quality and ready to compete in domestic and even international market. But as good as any quality that is presented if not done a good marketing process then there is no guarantee the product will be enjoyed by consumers.

Imagine if a quality product accumulates in a storage warehouse. Or stay long in the show room. Surely this will not make the company’s cash flow healthy. It will be stuck in payments and the profit will not be achieved. It is therefore understandable that marketing costs have fantastic numbers. Because of that big role to bear.

Marketing itself has a function in promotion, thinking of marketing strategies, improve the brand of a product. Moreover, competitors are increasingly creative day, improving the quality and onslaught of products from abroad. A marketing needs the ability to “read” prospective customers. What the prospective customers want, how the financial condition, tastes, and how the system wanted. Then look for the middle way so that the product can be accepted so that the sale transaction. Not easy to do, but by continuing to practice, a marketing will be skilled.

His expertise is what will make sales increase. So the target that is charged to the marketing can be achieved even exceeded. And this will certainly make profits also shot. Even if there are loyal customers then a continuous purchase can be done. And this is the harvesting period for marketing as well as for the company. If the situation is like this, then live how to cultivate it and make more loyal even can bring a new consumer.

Marketing activities will also introduce products to audiences. Especially if it’s a new product, which is a new challenge to make it acceptable in the hearts of people. Naturally if at the beginning of launching, will do a massive promo to attract sympathy and take place in the hearts of consumers. And when the brand is lifted it will be easier to market it. It’s just that, the quality remains to be united number.