The Impact of Online Business on the Economy 

Online business, this term may often we hear lately. But did you know that now online business is one industry with potential business potential. This happens along with the times, which is currently the trend with the online shopping that is rampant applied by the people around the world. Of the many companies that originally used offline business and then flocked into online business began. This online business has a big influence on the Indonesian economy. As a new economic sector, online business in Indonesia has a tremendous impact on the traditional Indonesian mindset, along with the role of online business in the economic sector

Make it Easy for People to Start a New Business.

In an online business it does not cost a lot to create a place of business. So with even a small capital we can start the business. We do not need to bother going to work, we can do it anywhere by using a computer or smart phone that is connected to the internet we can easily do business. With this online business, in general has helped improve the economy of the community.

State Revenue Growing

With the existence of this online business, the greater the state income due to the taxes imposed for the business. State revenue from the online business tax, from year to year increasing. Therefore, many people of Indonesia are starting to apply online business in their business. Moreover, online business is now popular around the world including in Indonesia. The existence of this online business can also reduce unemployment in our country because, someone who does not have a job if they have initiatives for business may they will take advantage of the online business.

Online Transactions More Efficient Than Manual Transactions

With easy access to the internet in Indonesia today, people tend to prefer online transactions. In addition to fast and easy, online transactions are also more efficient than manual transactions in markets and stores. As a result now, the business people who market their products simply offline to switch to online media. This inevitably must be done so as not to lose with competitors in business in this modern era.

Internet for Media Promotion

Online business is not only done by ‘new players’ who purely use the internet as a medium of business. People and companies that have long been in the business world only use the internet limited to promotional and advertising tools. For sales and service remains done in a conventional way. Social media is one of the easiest medium to promote an item, considering the number of Social media users in Indonesia today