Unique Facts About Coffee Business In The World

coffee is more than just popular, it is everywhere in the world. no other drink is better known or more respected than coffee. we used to find it in offices, in public buses and trains, and on every kitchen table all over the world. coffee as an export commodity is a multi million dollar business. most of the coffee is consumed by industrialized countries while usually coffee production comes from developing countries. coffee is so loved by everyone now, that coffindo lovers will not know that in ancient times coffee can bring death penalty for those who drink it.

unique facts about coffee business

  1. after crude oil, coffee is the most sought after commodity in the world. the second rank on the list of the world’s basic needs is deserved bearing by the coffee beans. coffee can be worth up to more than 100 billion dollars worldwide, which makes coffee a basic commodity and puts it on a par with commodities such as natural gas, gold, palm oil, sugar and corn.
  2. around the world, we drink more than 500 billion cups of coffee every year. of these, about 14 billion are italian espresso coffee.
  3. the coffee plantation is an economic livelihood for over 25 million people worldwide. coffee is grown in more than 50 countries in asia, africa, south america, central america and the caribbean. and about 67 percent of all coffee consumed by the world comes from plantations in america alone.
  4. although there are different flavors and varieties, there are actually only two types of coffee, namely arabica and robusta. arabica and robusta are two of the most widely marketed and commercially grown coffee beans.
  5. arabica is a more common type of market (almost 70 percent of the world’s coffee is of arabica), and this species is considered more flavorful. while robusta coffee is coffee that has a stronger taste of caffeine and is usually cheaper, most often seen in the instant coffee jar packaging.
  6. more than half of americans over the age of 18 drink coffee regularly every day. the average american coffee drinkers drank three and a half cups of coffee every day.
  7. coffee is a source that meets 75 percent of the caffeine needs in america. significantly, coffee is needed more than tea, soda or other energy drinks.
  8. the coffee shows the fastest growth in the restaurant business. if coffindo lovers sees there seems to be a coffee shop popping up everywhere around coffindo lovers, coffindo lovers might be right – coffee shops have a seven percent annual growth rate. this shows that the coffee business has considerable business potential.
  9. starbucks, by far the american giant coffee company, has the third largest restaurant chain franchise in the us
  10. finland is the country with the most per capita coffee drinkers in the world. meanwhile, brazil as the world’s major coffee producer only ranked 13th on the list.
  11. at first coffee was accused of causing riots, evil incitement and demonic vessels. coffee is not always so popular. originally found in ethiopia, coffee has been banned in places such as cairo, egypt and turkey, where the offender who broke and repeated his deed drank coffee allegedly sewn into a leather bag and dumped into the sea.
  12. 10percent of world coffee production occurs in developing countries. meanwhile, the biggest consumption takes place in industrialized countries. the three largest coffee producers are brazil, vietnam and columbia.