What is Contemporary Business

Business is the business of selling goods or services done by individuals, groups of people or organizations to consumers (the public) with the main purpose is to gain profit / profit (profit). Basically, we do business is to earn profit or profit (profit). Contemporary is a sense of the present, modern or more precisely is something similar to the conditions of the same time or today. In that sense can be concluded that contemporary business is a business selling goods or services made by individuals or groups of people to consumers to earn profits tailored to current developments or needs.

As a human being, we want to get a decent job, get satisfaction from work and want to get challenge and hope for the future. Such opportunities are provided by the business Without limit, reserved for energetic and courageous youngsters. Businesses provide jobs from various levels and fields. Want to be a worker, or a director, want in the field of engineering or trade and many other opportunities.

The business world is very responsive to the shortage of goods in the market to meet human needs throughout the ages and this activity will not stop, and challenge the flow. The business world is growing and growing rapidly, so now in the market are found millions of goods and services are generated and require tens of millions of young workers.

Right now the job field is no longer directed to the government, so the civil servants will but the youngsters begin to direct their eyes to the business world, because the field is in accordance with the spirit of youth, who always want to get a challenge, to try his ability. The characteristics of contemporary business / modern business are:


business activities now tend to be specializing. There is a move in the field of production of certain goods, there is a move in the field of goods sales. Similarly, in the division of labor, specialization of office.


because a business is only engaged in a certain field, then a company’s activities depend on other companies. And vice versa, then there is interdependence with each other.

Mass production

the resulting goods tend to be large and continuous in various sizes, making it easy for consumers to choose. With the mass production, will bring benefits for the company, can expand its business, new energy can be recruited, wages can be increased, the selling price can be suppressed.