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2 Situations Where You Should Use Small Casters

The right or wrong wheel can be the difference between a slow or fast cart transport speed and whether or not a cart tips and sends a delicate product to the floor. As it’s likely that you want a smooth ride for what you’re transporting and you want it to get there as fast as possible, it’s probably a good idea for you to figure out which type of caster would be best for your particular situation. Here are two situations in which you should be using a small-sized caster.

1. You Need To Move in Multiple Directions

Large casters are very good at moving forward and backward, but it isn’t easy to move them in multiple directions. Smaller versions have a better track record in this regard. They can be moved to the front, back, right, left, and every direction in between. This is likely why they are seen often on things that need this level of maneuverability, such as office chairs, grocery carts, serving carts, wheelchairs, and so on.

2. You Need To Avoid Tipping What You’re Carrying

The larger the casters on a cart, the more likely it is that the cart will tip over. Carts with smaller alternatives are less likely to tip over. This is mostly because it’s easier to keep an object on a cart balanced when it is closer to the ground. The larger the rolling features on the bottom of a carrying device, the farther from the ground something on that wheeled transport will be. So fit your carts with small spring loaded casters, if you need to keep your transport items steady.

You will want to get what you need at an affordable price, but remember that the effectiveness of the caster for its designated purpose is just as important as the cost.