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5 Types of Ships and What They Do

People have earned a living on the water for centuries by transporting themselves and their goods, finding food, entertaining others, etc. As technology develops, the types of vessels have diversified and evolved, sometimes becoming larger, faster, or stronger. Here are a few of the ships commonly used for commerce.

1. Barge Carriers

Many commercial ships are cargo ships intended to transport large quantities of consumer products. Its flat bottom allows it to accommodate large and heavy loads. If you have a need to transport heavy goods on a canal or a river, you may find yourself asking, “Where can I find a barge ship near me?”

2. Tugboats

When a large ship approaches shore, it is sometimes difficult for it to maneuver. A tugboats is a specialty vessel that helps out the larger ones to navigate by towing or sometimes pushing them.

3. Fish Processing Vessel

Fishing vessels can be either commercial or recreational, but a fish processing vessel is strictly commercial. Also known as a factory ship, it has extensive facilities onboard for processing the fish for market once they are caught.

4. Passenger Ships

The transportation of people over the water takes place in passenger ships. If the trip takes place over a short distance, the ship used for transportation is called a ferry. They are often built specifically for speed.

Another type of passenger ship that most people are aware of even if they haven’t seen or ridden on one is a cruise ship. As opposed to a ferry, cruise ships are primarily for recreational purposes. The experience of taking a cruise is at least as significant as the destination, and cruise ships offer many amenities and entertainment opportunities to their passengers.

5. Roll-On Roll-Off Ships

Some types of cargo require a certain type of ship to accommodate them. An example is a roll-on roll-off ship, which is used specifically to transport wheeled cargo, such as cars and trucks.

In the past, a single vessel may have served several different functions. Today, ships are more likely to be specialized to a single task.

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