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Choosing the Right Ground Transportation in Burbank Airport

Choosing the Right Ground Transportation in Burbank Airport

Bob Hope Airport, more commonly known as Burbank Airport, is one of the airports in California that you can look forward to when you have a flight. Unlike the famous and busy LAX Airport, Bob Hope Airport is more pleasant to the casual traveler. The airport is conveniently small, thus, there are less crowds, less lines, and less stress. It has an air of quaintness and authenticity, which you cannot find in any other airports. Instead of using jet bridges like major airports, they still use ramps, which can make you, feel like a rock star. Transportation to and from Burbank Airport is also a no-brainer and provides a variety of choices such as Burbank limo service, shuttles and taxis, buses and trains, and car rentals.

Shuttles and Taxis

Whether you have arranged a mode of transportation ahead of time or not, shuttles services and taxi cabs are easy to come by upon arriving in the airport. Some hotels surrounding the Burbank and Los Angeles area provide a shuttle service to and from the airport. If you do not have specific arrangements, you can just immediately proceed in front of the passenger terminal. Walk to the pedestrian islands, and you will be greeted with an array of shuttles and taxis. Taxi fare can cost $40-$50 from Burbank to downtown Los Angeles.

Public Transportation

Taxi cabs and shuttles can be very costly. So if you’re scrimping and would like to save on transportation expense, you can hold on to your luggage and take the public transportation. There are two Metrolink stations in Burbank. One is located at the Burbank Airport and the other is in downtown Burbank. Burbank Bus also provides transfers in different parts of Burbank and can connect you to the Red Line subway system at North Hollywood Transit Station.

Rental Cars

If you don’t want the hassle of public transportation, there are plenty of rental cars available immediately at the airport. You can proceed to Terminal B where the car rental counters are located.

Limo Service and Town Car Service

You can also take your travel experience at the Burbank Airport to the next level and travel in style. There are many top notch limo service and town car service in Burbank which can provide you with convenience and comfort. You can even make a reservation ahead of time online. So once you arrive at the airport; you will be met and greeted by a limo driver, ready to take you to your destination.

Whichever mode of transportation you choose when getting to and from Burbank Airport, you will be ensured that your experience once you arrive at the airport will be fast and easy.

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