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Event Planning: Choosing a Limo Company to Recommend to Clients

Event Planning: Choosing a Limo Company to Recommend to Clients

As an event planner, you know that your clients expect the very best from every option you recommend to them, including transportation. That’s why it’s so important to find a limousine company that you can consistently recommend to your clients. Here are a few steps you should consider taking to properly vet any chauffeured transport company before recommending them to your clientele.

Look at Reviews, References

When you are initially looking into chauffeured transport services, one of the best initial indicators of a company’s quality and reliability are the reviews that other customers have given them. Check several established review sites to get a reasonable feel for the quality of the company’s services to narrow down the field. At that point, call top contenders and ask if they have references they can provide. Follow up with those references about the service they received, any problems they encountered, and what resolution the limo company provided to solve the issue.

Ask Other Event Planners

Your professional network indubitably includes at least a few trustworthy event planners who work or have worked in your city. Reach out to this network and ask them for their experiences with local limousine companies. They may have a very different perspective from other limousine clientele, which can give you insight into how they will work with your events.

Arrange an Interview

Once you’ve narrowed the field to a small handful of limousine companies you might consider recommending to your clients, you should arrange an interview with management. Considering the volume of business you will bring to their company, management should have no issues with speaking with you. Prepare a set of questions for them to answer, either in person or over email. Be sure to ask follow up questions to be certain you understand exactly how they operate. Problem solving should be an emphasis during this interview.

Go for a Ride

At this point, it’s time to test the product itself. Arrange to have a limousine pick you up for a schedule similar to one of the events you would plan. If you plan weddings, consider having the limo around all day to account for bridal hair appointments, dressing, pictures, ceremony, reception, and send-off. Make it fit in with your life by using the service to run errands or to take your friends out for a fun filled day. Be sure to pay attention to the chauffeur’s professionalism, punctuality, availability, and flexibility to changing announced plans. Events, especially large ones, can be hectic, so understanding how the company’s employees handle change is essential.

Keep Evaluating

After going on a few ride-alongs, you will probably have a top candidate or two in mind and feel confident with recommending them to your clients. However, you cannot rest on your laurels at this point. Be vigilant about how your recommended limo company treats your clients and how your clients feel about their services. Send clients follow-up questionnaires specifically regarding the transportation services they received. Be certain to address any issues your clients have with both the clients and the chauffeured transport company. Your efforts will be rewarded with loyal clients and the assurance that you can recommend the best limo company in town.