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Examining Boat Dock Ladders

When you’re living in proximity to water, you need a structure upon which to conduct business. Docking systems have long been that essential structure and they are perfect for tying up boats and other water vehicles. There are different types of docks, and ladders are the natural appendage of a dock. There are ladders that suit each type of docking situation.

Stationary Vs. Floating Dock Ladders

When figuring out how to choose boat dock ladders for stationary docks, there’s a little bit of math involved. Considering the depth of the water and the distance from the surface of the water to the dock platform, this number is divided by the step height of a given ladder. Floating docks will require ladders that have two or more steps below the water’s surface.

Different Types of Dock Ladders

A standard decision for buyers is whether they want a straight ladder or a standard lift ladder. The straight ladder is installed to remain in one place, while the standard lift ladder can be positioned down extending into the water or raised so that it is out of the water.

The floatstep ladder comes with buoyancy controls and is able to rise and fall with the waterline. The benefit is that it keeps the ladder out of the water when it isn’t in use. Wide steps can be a bit pricier, but they offer more stability and support, which may be imperative, depending on who’s using the ladder. Finger Pier ladders are more compact and good for use in smaller spaces. Finger Pier Lift ladders are of similar streamlined design but can be lifted out of the water.

Boat dock ladders come in many varieties and can suit many needs. They help to ensure safety and convenience and they are simple to use.

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