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The Five Main Dimensions of Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment is a very important aspect of your life. Your self-empowerment is what will see you through certain situations, that others cannot. Firstly, personal empowerment has to start with you, by taking steps to know yourself better. Additionally you will be in a position of knowing your abilities. The end result is that you will be able to make your own right decisions, as you also take charge of your own life.

Seeking to empower self, will touch on efforts to build self-confidence and enhance your self-awareness. In the process you will learn to set clear goals in life and get more responsible for your decisions. The good news is that the results of your efforts will be suitable decisions that will enrich your life. Personal empowerment involves five major elements.

Self-empowerment involves self- awareness. To be aware about yourself also means, to know how you are most likely to relate with every circumstance around you. As if that is not enough, will be required to concentrate in perfecting more on what you able to do and develop skills of doing them. On the other hand it is very important for you to know what you are not destined to do. By being able to understand the double sides about, you are on the right direction toward empowering yourself.

The other important element is personal values. Life is all about observation, experiences, assessment and conclusions about different situations which greatly determine how you are going to conduct yourself in future. They are the once which will influence what and how to choose something and your particular course of action. The value of knowing your values cannot be underestimated. The values you have may not always be the same with what the rest of the people have, what matters most is whether you are aware about them and how you handle them.

A key element also is skills. The quality of the decisions you make, will also depend on the quality of the skills you have and how you use them. By learning various skills, you will be able to translate ideas into actions. Learning about your skills is not limited to only to education, but through reflecting on past experience as well.

Education is the mother of every other aspect. With information, you will be able to create a diversity of options. Of immediate concern also, is the quality of the information itself. The internet has made it possible to access all forms of information. You have a task then to select education that can help you make the right choices.

Lastly is goals. Goals will give you the direction towards which to take your actions. The other way to create you targets is by looking at what your strengths are. As a result you will be able to set both long term and short term goals for yourself.

The five elements are key to sef-empowerment.

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