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Four Reasons a Person Should Never Spend Time Worrying

Four Reasons a Person Should Never Spend Time Worrying

Betty was very unsure she was going to be able to get to Arizona all by herself and was nervous about the flight and the fact that there would be no one meeting her when she landed to help her maneuver through traffic. The only thing she knew for sure was that this trip was necessary because she had to attend the fiftieth wedding anniversary of her best friends, Ruth and Bernie, and she was willing to go to any lengths to be sure she was there. She was very relieved when her daughter made arrangements for a Tucson airport transportation shuttle that would take her right from the plane to the hotel where she would be staying. Because of this Tucson airport car service she suddenly felt confident about getting around town and she knew that there would be no obstacle to keep her from having a wonderful time with her friends.

Sometimes there can be a lot of worry and frustration over making travel plans and it is completely unnecessary most of the time. In this case, it took a simple phone call on the part of the daughter to completely put Betty at ease about how she would be able to get around safely in a strange and busy city.

It has often been said that most of what we worry about never happens anyway so time is wasted when we spend it worrying. Four reasons we should never spend time worrying are:

1. Worry causes us to expend thought and energy that should be directed toward something productive leaving us tired and worn out for no good reason. In fact, exhaustion is a byproduct caused by excess worry and it can be debilitating. Time spent worrying is simply a wasted effort for nothing and should be avoided.

2. Worry can cause us to focus on problems at hand rather than solutions to them and this lends itself to negative thoughts and reactions. It is a documented fact that many times we can unconsciously find a solution to a problem or work out an alternative way of looking at a problem even while we are sleeping but when worry crowds our thoughts it ends this creative process and causes our minds to shut down.

3. Worry can cause us to view life in a fear filled way and can affect our emotions to a point that is unhealthy. Studies have shown that our emotions do directly impact our physical well being and are frequently responsible for illness and fatigue that endanger our health. Being proactive and taking precautions to avoid danger can greatly reduce the chance that we will be wasting time worrying and can ward off the feelings of helplessness and resignation that something bad is about to happen to us.

4. Worrying causes us to become self absorbed and many times leads us to neglect those we love. This is very detrimental to relationships and has created problems where they would otherwise not exist but for one person who cannot resist the temptation to worry when he or she should be focusing on the positive aspects of a relationship.

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