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Great DIY Auto Repair With Car Service Manual

Great DIY Auto Repair With Car Service Manual

A car service manual is a repair manual that is published by the car manufacturer and contains information about how to repair, maintain and diagnose the engine and all the components of your car.

There is also a type of service manual that is published aftermarket from various companies such as Bentley, Haynes and Chilton. The difference between a car manual that comes directly from the manufacturer and the aftermarket service manual is the amount of information provided in the manual. A car manual should provide detailed information and diagrams to help you troubleshoot all repair issues. There are car manuals that are published and designed directly the car manufacturer their information is prone to be more correct than the after market service manuals, also called Factory Service Manual.   A factory service manual should contain information that is per manufacturer specifications such as intended torque, and various other standards specified by the manufacturer.

Another distinct difference between an aftermarket manual and a factory manual that is directly from the dealership is that the factory manual will have illustrations that are drawn to the correct size for the page they are printed on. In fact the manual itself will be of a better quality even down to the paper than after market service manuals. Aftermarket service manuals will usually cover a wide range of years for you make and model of vehicle where a car manual will be specifically for your make, model and year of vehicle. For example if your vehicle is say a 2000 Toyota Corolla an aftermarket manual will have from 1995 to 2000 in the same manual.

Aftermarket manuals are great for providing general information however if you are looking for information on a specific problem then a factory auto repair manual is generally your best bet.

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