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How to Choose Between a Town Car Service and a Limousine Service

How to Choose Between a Town Car Service and a Limousine Service

Sometimes an event arises that, for one reason or another, doesn’t allow you to provide your own transportation. Whether you can’t find a friend to drive you to the airport or you need a responsible driver to get you from point A to B, hiring some sort of car service is a great solution. The most common point of confusion usually has to do with choosing between a town car and a limousine. While the differences are obvious, it might not be so easy to tell which mode of transport is the most appropriate for any given situation. If you can’t quite decide whether your situation requires a limo or a town car, here’s a list of the most popular uses for each.


Business meetings


Corporate outings


Trips to the city

Bar hopping

Weekend vacations

Town cars and luxury sedans:

Airport drop-offs

Airport pickups

Transportation for special clients


Corporate events

As you can see, whether you need a limousine service or car service depends almost exclusively on the occasion. Weddings, proms, and other social events are typically best served by a limo, while town cars are better suited for standard transportation requests like airport drop-offs and pickups.

However, there is also some overlap between the two services. Both, for instance, are commonly used for corporate events and business meetings. In these cases, other factors may come in to play when you’re choosing between a limo and a town car. Considerations may include the number of passengers, the style of the event (e.g. formal, informal, or something in-between), and your particular comfort-related preferences.

Limousine services are the best option for transporting large numbers of passengers at once, given that they’re known to fit as many as 16-20 passengers at a time. As accommodating as they are, limos are also significantly flashier and more stylish than traditional car services, making them suitable for glamorous events. On the other hand, town cars have a much more sleek, classic design ideal for low-profile events. A car service is also perfect for transporting only one or two passengers.

If you’re ready to make a decision, remember: regardless of which option you choose, it’s essential that you select a service that is licensed and insured. Not only will this ensure that your safety is in the hands of a responsible, certified professional, but it also keeps you covered in the case that–heaven forbid–something goes wrong.

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