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How to Help Your Teen Book for a Limousine Prom Ride

How to Help Your Teen Book for a Limousine Prom Ride

Celebrities, businessmen and affluent people aren’t the only ones enamored of the limousine ride. Limo rental companies also receive a fair amount of attention from teenagers especially during prom season. It has become a tradition of sorts for many juniors and seniors these days to be driven into and off their prom party in a luxurious limousine. While you may want your kids to have fun, keeping them safe will still be at the back of your mind. To ensure that nothing goes awry while they are renting and using the limousine during one of the most memorable milestones in their lives, here’s how you can help your teen book for a limousine prom ride.

As a parent, it is only natural for you to look after the welfare and safety of your children. In their prom years, these teens are practically underage and their decision-making are often propelled by their impulsive behavior. Teenagers, with their limited experience in life, can easily be taken advantage by unscrupulous limo rental companies. It is very important as a parent that you help your children and their friends scour limo rental companies that are duly licensed. Renting a properly registered and insured company is definitely a big priority.

Safety is also another top priority. You’ll want to make sure that your teens will have a great time in their limousine prom ride and not perish from it. See to it that the vehicle bears the safety inspection sticker. Also question the rental company how they are screening and hiring their limo drivers. If possible, interview the chauffeur who will be assigned to drive your teens.

The company’s reputation is another good gauge you can depend on when helping your kids book a limo. Check with your local BBB as well as you local consumer protection office to know the reputation of your eyed limo rental service. It also helps if the company is affiliated with the local limo association.

Once you are certain the limo company is legit and has a good reputation, make sure that the transaction is well documented. You must have a contract and review in great detail the cancellation clause. Help negotiate the price of the package or service with the owner or manager of the limo. Pay the necessary deposit which usually amounts to 20% of the total cost and make sure to get a receipt.

Because prom season usually involves massive reservations in the limo rental companies, see to it that your teens are all booked 3-4 months in advance. Accompany them to inspect and choose the type of limo that they are considering. Guide them as to how many hours they should book the limo. You should also advise your teen to go as a group so that he or she won’t get stuck paying a thousand dollar expense.