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Shopping for Personal Defense Gear Online

Many states allow people to carry firearms to defend themselves. When you want to join the open carry movement, you may wonder where you can find firearms and related gear without having to restrict your choices to local outdoors and sporting goods store. Depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to shop for and purchase guns, holsters, AR-15 6.8SPC magazines, ammunition, and more online. You can get access to a full array of inventory when you go on the merchant’s website today.

Magazine Selections

Your firearms are only as valuable and useful as the ammunition you choose for it. It is important that you know what kind of ammunition your firearm needs before you shop online, however. When you click on the AR magazine link at the top of the page, you can find a dozen different AR magazine choices available to you. You can click on each variety to find out if it is compatible with your particular weapon.

You can also find magazines that are compatible with pistols when you shop on the website. The ammunition that you use with an AR rifle is not suited for pistols and other handguns. You can simplify your shopping by clicking on the appropriate links and finding out more by reading the descriptions of each product.


When you open carry in public, you can abide by the law and keep you, your firearm, and others around you safe with high-quality accessories designed for pistols, rifles, handguns, and other weapons. The website makes available a wide array of accessories that allow you to carry safely and effectively. You can include these items with your firearm purchases or buy them separately, whichever you choose.

One of the more popular items that you may consider buying is a holster that you can buy online. The holster allows you to keep your firearm close by in case you need to defend yourself. It also may prevent accidental misfires that could happen if you drop your gun or someone bumps into it.

These items are available at prices that are on par with what you would pay in local stores. Your state may or may not charge tax on your purchases.

Carrying a firearm and being able to defend yourself is a right in many states. You can join in this movement and protect you and your family by shopping for ammunition, accessories, and more online today.