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There’s Only One Way To Get To Special Events

There’s Only One Way To Get To Special Events

There are many ways to get to and from events, both important and mundane. For most events, driving your everyday car is perfectly suitable. Sometimes, you need something bigger, like a mini van for taking the kids to soccer practice. Once in a while, you might need to borrow a truck when moving large pieces of furniture from one place to another. For other occasions, like trips across country, you might want to take an RV so that the whole family can be comfortable during the trip.

But what about those occasions that occur only once in a lifetime? What about those occasions that you have been looking forward to in your entire life, and know that you will remember every moment of it? For moments like these, there is only one option: a limousine.

For some people, the occasion that they have been dreaming of is their senior prom. Months were spent figuring out what color dress she would wear and what texture the vest of his tuxedo would be. Dinner reservations may have been made as much as six months in advance, and the planning committee at the school doubtless spent the entire year planning the entire event. With everything else lined up perfectly, would you want to ruin even fifteen minutes of the occasion by taking them to prom in a mini van?

For other people, this occasion is their marriage. The bride, dreaming of her wedding day since she was a little girl, has known exactly what dress she was going to wear for almost her entire life. The chapel was booked out quite far in advance, and the place of the reception booked almost immediately after. Would it be appropriate to spend this much time, effort, and money in planning the perfect wedding only to allow the bride and groom drive away in a Pinto?

The answer to both of these questions is, without hesitation, a resolute no. In fact, there’s only one way that transportation to events like the senior prom and a wedding should be handled, and that way is with a limousine. That’s because there exists no grander way to travel distances within a city than inside of a long, elegantly-stretched limousine, waxed and shine to a mirror’s edge and driven by the professionalism and courtesy of a chauffeur.

While the cost of a limousine might cause some people to initially bulk, is that any reason to cause even a moment of such a special day to be tarnished? Would it be right to spoil the most enduring moment of a wedding or a prom by the embarrassment felt at arriving or leaving from the event in an old, beat up vehicle, or something as grossly inappropriate as a minivan? For anyone with a modicum of class and decent, the only answer to this is, again, no. Just this once, go a little bit further with your planning. Just this once, take things to a new level of this once, rent for them a limousine.

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