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Three Auto Maintenance Steps To Complete Regularly

If you bought your automobile new, there should be a maintenance handbook with a schedule for completing oil changes and rotating the tires, etc. If you don’t have this maintenance schedule, you may be able to find one online or ask your mechanic.

Pay attention to the following three steps in caring for your auto. You don’t have to know how to complete maintenance on your own. Instead of sweating yourself, make appointments for professional car care near lake stevens wa.

One: Check Battery Terminals and Connections

The electrical system of your vehicle is very sensitive and a little bit of debris on the connections can cause trouble. Every time you open your hood, make sure the battery terminals are clean and that wires and connections are tight. Visually inspect the length of cables from the battery terminal to the frame or wiring harness.

Two: Replace Air Filters Regularly

Even inexperienced auto owners generally recognize the importance of having the oil changed, while the filters get overlooked. Whether you drive on freeways or down dirt roads, the air carries a lot of dirt and dust into the filter. When it’s clogged, your engine won’t perform as well. Filters should be replaced about half as often as your oil.

Three: Monitor and Replace the Car’s Fluids

Did you know that there are many different types of fluids that keep your automobile running smoothly? These include the oil, windshield washer, grease, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. In addition to routinely checking the levels of these fluids, make sure you use high-quality products. Don’t overlook the gasoline you put into the tank. Pay attention to which octane is best for your vehicle.

Owning a car is an exciting prospect, at least until you realize how much work goes into keeping everything in working condition. The better you are about completing car care steps, the longer the vehicle will last and the better your financial savings. If you’ve had trouble with your vehicle in the past, maybe you’ve overlooked one of these important maintenance tasks.

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