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What Types of Maintenance Does Your Car Need?

What Types of Maintenance Does Your Car Need?

There are different services and inspections that your car requires in order to continue to run properly. As a responsible car owner, you must know what these various services are. After all, not only does the health of your car depend on it, but also the safety of yourself and others you encounter on the road. Some services are considered to be just regular maintenance, while others are performed to optimize the performance of the car and lengthen the car’s life.

Some services that are considered as regular maintenance are 30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance, Tune-Up Service, Full Service Oil and Lube and Tire Rotation and Balance. Each service focuses on different parts of the car that needs to be maintained frequently. 30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance takes place every 30,60, and 90 thousand miles that are consumed by the car. When this service is performed, the engine oil will be drained and replaced. The filter will also be replaced. Additional parts that may be inspected and addressed during this particular maintenance service will be the PCV valve (if they find the PCV Valve damaged, they will perform a PCV Valve Service), air and fuel filters, and spark plugs. The service could also include a fuel injection flush, transmission flush and break fluid flush.

Tune-Up Services, on the other hand, occur every two years. During those two years, some parts of the car tend to wear out and need repair or replacement in order to prevent more loss of performance. Sometimes it is just a matter of adjusting certain systems of the car in order to assure continual proper operation.

A Full Service Oil and Lube is as important as a regular Tune-Up, if not more so. In full service oil and lubes, your old oil will be changed out and replaced with up to 5 quarts of new oil. They also include Wiper Blade Replacement, and visible battery checks. If it looks like something may be wrong with your battery, such as corroded battery connections, then the full service center where you are having your oil and lube performed may recommend that you also have Battery Maintenance done. Just as a full service oil and lube is important in order to make sure the oil in the car that lubricates your engine continues to remain clean, Fuel Injection Services and Fuel Filter services are also an important part of your regular maintenance, in which your entire fuel system is kept clean from damaging deposits.

Tire Rotation and Balance addresses an entirely different part of your car. While the full service oil and lube and the fuel injection services both help to ensure the engine operates correctly and has full power, the tire rotation and balance make sure that the tires of your car operate properly. You depend on your tires daily to safely carry your car, and you by default, to your destination. They receive a lot of wear and tear and need to be inspected frequently to make sure they are wearing out evenly and are well balanced. Otherwise, one tire could receive much more wear than the others and unexpectedly blow out. A reliable car service center will examine your tires to check for abnormal wearing patterns and visible damage.

Your car’s cooling system, which is also known as the Air Conditioning System, is another essential part of your car, especially if you happen to live in areas with very hot summers, such as Dallas, TX, where a reliable air conditioner is a must have. When the temperature is over one hundred degrees for weeks on end, then you cannot afford to have your air conditioner break down in your car. Otherwise, in just a short 5 minute drive to work, you will be covered in sweat. Heat exhaustion and even heat strokes are not unheard of in such extreme conditions. Don’t wait until your AC breaks. Do yourself a favor and have regular Air Conditioning Services performed. Your car care center will also provide an Air Filter Service as part of the air conditioning service. They will replace the air filter to ensure the cabin air inside your car is healthy and clean.

Other important services that your car will need include: Brake Service, Brake Flush Service, Timing Belt/Chain Service, Serpentine Belt Service, Engine Diagnostic Service, and State Inspection Service, Differential Service, Light Bulb Replacement, Power Steering Service, Radiator Flush Service, Shocks & Struts, and Transmission Service.

Some services focus on particular systems of your car, other services focus on the different car fluids that are necessary to maintain, and others focus on seemingly small parts of your car, such as bulbs, wiper blades, and belts. Little or big, every single part of your car is essential to its performance and, by default, your safety. Find a car service center who is equipped and experienced in caring for ALL of your car maintenance, repair, and inspection services and offers great prices and service specials.