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Window Tinting Facts You Didn’t Know

The use of window film is a common feature of the car. Because the use of film glass has many benefits. In addition to beautify the appearance of the car can also maintain the privacy and security of the rider.

But did you know that the window film there are many types and colors, such as black bluish, black silver, green, brown, and blue. And the most popular window tint is the silver film glass. Because it is considered more suitable with the blend of car paint colors and gives a luxurious impression. The quality of the film glass also varies, as well as the price.

How to choose a good quality of window film?

Good quality film glass does not depend on the darkness, so do not choose the window film on the basis of the darkness. Many people misunderstand when buying a suitable window film to keep the car’s cab cool when the car ac is turned on. Many people also think that the black film glass is better than the silver color. Though the quality of the window depends on the technology applied and the material maker.

The use of window film that has good quality can make cabin space cooler without having to set AC with maximum. In addition, the film glass was able to save the use of fuel oil, provided the quality is good.

High quality film glass is capable of reducing the AC performance that is useful to lighten the load of the machine. That way the fuel oil will be saved and indirectly will have good impact to the earth, that is can prevent ozone damage due to excess freon.

The use of silver film glass can make the car look brighter so it will make the car look more fresh. The silver film glass can show the level of coldness seen from its TSER lift. If the window film has a high TSER it will reduce heat so that the car will be cooler.

Glass silver has a cooler advantage compared to the black film glass. Because the black color will absorb heat, while the silver color will reflect heat. So it is ascertained that the silver window film was colder.

Glass film is useful to reduce the heat of the sun entering the car, so in the car will be cooler. With so car air conditioning to be optimal when the daytime.

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