How to Make Your Ribbon Mixer More Efficient

Ribbon blenders (also known as a ribbon mixer) are the most widely used mixing instrument in the U.S. mixing industry. Their popularity is due to their initial purchase cost, easy maintenance and low product cost per pound of production, compared to other types of industrial ribbon mixers.

Ribbon mixers work using a counter-current flow pattern inside the blending chamber. This keeps the materials at a uniform height in the blender during mixing. Ribbon blenders can be used to blend everything from pharmaceuticals, food products, fertilizer, plastics, chemicals and many other products.

The performance of a ribbon mixer can vary widely between manufacturers. Here are three ways to keep your ribbon mixer performing at maximum efficiency.

Be Mindful of Mixing Time

Ribbon mixers are designed to complete mixing in a very short time, typically 15 minutes or less. However, there are factors that contribute to ribbon mixer efficiency, such as ingredient particle size and bulk density.

To keep mixing time short, be sure these characteristics are as similar as possible among the ingredients. This will help to reduce the possibility of over-mixing or un-mixing.

Consider the Before and After of Blending

Ribbon blenders come in two styles. The most efficient and popular is a center bottom discharge. The second type is an end discharge, for when a customer needs to discharge the product at the end of the machine rather than in the center.

It is important to optimize a ribbon mixer’s total cycle time, meaning the time required for mixing, loading and discharging and cleaning the blender. This can be done by using a mixer best suited to fit the ingredients. The ingredients will not only affect loading and discharging, but also cleaning requirements.

Be Informed of the Options

It is important to choose the ribbon mixer best suited for the application. It is most efficient to choose the features of a ribbon mixer before it is operating in a plant. Work closely with the manufacturer to customize the system to increase efficiency. A reputable manufacturer will know which ribbon mixer will work best for different ingredients and applications.

Cell Automobile Detailing

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Advantages of Hiring A Car Rental Service Are Many

There can be various reasons for hiring a car rental as it is found to be very convenient to address the needs of people. A personal car though can be helpful to some extent, and it is difficult to fulfill all the requirements of travel with an own car. Moreover, there are lots of costs involved in maintaining a personal car that you can do away with a rented car. Excellent car rental like the car rental orlando international can provide the best comfort and service to you and your family.

Car rental is idle for busy cities:

If a person lives in a bustling metropolitan city, that is having subways, nearby airports, train stations, etc., there is no need to own a vehicle. In such cases, renting a car can be the best option to travel to a far off distance or to go to a local spot. The choice for a rental car will be abundantly available in a busy city, and one can travel with a lot of ease with such service.

It is easy to get compact or large vehicles:

The choice of different types of cars may be essential to suit the diverse needs of different people.  With a small personal vehicle, the decision may be limited for accommodating a large number of people. When you choose a car rental service, you can choose from the big fleet of cars available.

Whether it is an SUV, or a minivan, or even a compact car, you can get it quickly for your family or your friends. There can be cars available with some car rental services like the car rental orlando international, that can accommodate up to 15 passengers. You will get these cars in perfect condition along with all the amenities inside to pass the time with pleasure.

A rental car can be very economical:

You may not want to put your vehicle under a lot of wear and tear when traveling for a business or leisure trip. Excessive wear and tear of your car can entail a lot of cost for repairing and maintenance of the vehicle. Moreover, if the car that you own is an older model, you will get a lower mileage for going to an extended trip. Under such circumstances, renting a car may be the best option for you to save a lot of money. Most car rental services nowadays keep only the latest models that can provide excellent mileage, and this can be very advantageous to you.

You can visit far off destinations or riskier roads easily:

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Cars On Public sale

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Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Transmission

You might have driven your truck so many miles that your transmission is about to bite the dust. If this is the case, you should start a search for a new transmission to replace it as soon as possible. This is obviously not something that you should go shopping for in a hurry. You need to take your time and explore all of your options. A transmission is not cheap. Therefore, you need to try to save as much money as you can. You can do this by asking the following questions to people who work for stores or websites that sell transmissions.

1. How long is the transmission expected to last?

You need to get a good idea of what you will be getting for the money you will be spending. You obviously do not want to go out and buy another transmission again any time soon. Therefore, find out the amount of time that your transmission should keep working. Not all transmissions are the same. Some are made much better than others. A Ford Powerstroke transmission has a very good reputation for being very durable and lasting for a long time.

2. What sort of warranty is included with the various transmissions you sell?

Always protect yourself with a warranty when you spending thousands of dollars on a transmission. You could have a mechanical problem with your transmission at any time and for any reason. Therefore, you need to be sure that you will not be forced to pay a lot of extra money to have it fixed. You already paid a lot of money for the transmission itself. There is no point in you emptying your wallet further with repair bills. Only buy a transmission that comes with a warranty that lasts for a long time.

3. Which transmission will work the best with the needs of my truck?

You need to tell the person you are talking to about the details of your truck. You want to avoid installing a transmission that the engine of your truck is not capable of handling. Take the advice of the store employee into consideration.…