History of Business Development

In the past, business activities were conducted at the family level, in private. The families at that time planted crops to meet the needs of foodstuffs, made their own clothes, made their own homes with the help of neighbors and so on. Their efforts are limited to only a very small field.

At that time it had not occurred to them to make a commercial effort, by borrowing capital for large-scale production. Then came the industrial Revolution that brought about a drastic and important change. The existence of a steam engine caused a change: on farms that had used plows, with the power of cows, buffaloes, now replaced with tractors and bulldozers are powerful.

Understanding business In the science of economy, a business is including a seller organization to sell goods or offer services to consumers or other business activities, who seek to earn a profit. Historically business words are derived from English called business, with basic words that mean “busy” in the sense of “being busy to do work and activities that can bring benefits” within the scope of community, community, or individual.
Business Functions

The function of a business is to create the value (usefulness) of a product, which was initially less valuable, once changed or processed into being able to meet the needs of society / consumer. Value utility (utility Value) created by business activities, so as to meet the needs of society is summarized in The main function of business.

The main function of a business is to create the value of a product or service by:
– Changing its shape (form utility), which is none other than the production function
-Move the place of the product (place utility), or the distribution function
– Transform ownership (possessive utility), sales function
– Delay time utility (time utility), or marketing function


What is amazon. com

The development of technology, of course, gives ease in doing everything, including in buying and selling transactions. Now to buy goods or services you do not need to search out the house simply by using the internet alone can buy goods or services you want. Lots of online stores that already exist, one of which is Amazon. This site is one of the largest online store in the world that formed in 1994 and has successfully mastered the online market in the world. The network has spread widely in various countries to the whole world. Even every day online store is very busy and never stop trading in terms of sales.

History and Development

The company was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bozes and began publication for the public one year later in 1995. Bozes initially worked at De Shaw & CO decided to create his own company. At first the name of the online store company is ‘Cadabra’ and first release date July 5, 1994. After rethinking then in 1995 his name changed. This name change is because the original name sounds very horrible and sells less. With renaming to amazon.com feels more special and certainly will be easy to find because with A prefix it will be in the top list itself. In addition, he also wants the company he built to be big like the longest and exotic rivers that exist in America.

Initial development of the company

The online store company based in Seattle, Washington, United States was built based on a very in-depth analysis. Bozes see enormous opportunities with the development of the Internet world that will occur in the future. And proven now his company is very rapidly growing. Initially, Bozes specified there were 20 lists of names of goods to be marketed but then narrowed to 5 which will be marketed and considered very profitable. The five products are books, computer software, video, computer hardware, and compact disc. Of these five lists Bozes finally decided to sell books online at first. At the beginning of sales on amazon.com this book is experiencing a rapid development because when it is open demand very much.

Initial investors and developments

The beginning of this Amazon development, many investors are buying stock here. But unfortunately, the first four years of Amazon’s growth are rated so slowly that many investors complain and sell their shares. In fact, at the beginning of the 21st century many online stores are closed and one that is almost affected is the Bozes company. But fortunately, the company is still safe and can grow again. After the crisis at the beginning of the 21st century, the company has risen and generated many promising benefits. In fact, the company claims that it is he who popularized for the community to shop online.

Problems encountered
During the build company, this online store Bozes certainly not free from problems encountered. A lot of problems experienced by amazon during its development until now. The most prominent problem was the Bozes type prosecuted by Walmart in 1998. Walmart sued that Bozes had stolen trade secrets for employing employees from Walmart. However, this demand does not reach the court and can be resolved by peaceful means outside the court.…

The Impact of Online Business on the Economy 

Online business, this term may often we hear lately. But did you know that now online business is one industry with potential business potential. This happens along with the times, which is currently the trend with the online shopping that is rampant applied by the people around the world. Of the many companies that originally used offline business and then flocked into online business began. This online business has a big influence on the Indonesian economy. As a new economic sector, online business in Indonesia has a tremendous impact on the traditional Indonesian mindset, along with the role of online business in the economic sector

Make it Easy for People to Start a New Business.

In an online business it does not cost a lot to create a place of business. So with even a small capital we can start the business. We do not need to bother going to work, we can do it anywhere by using a computer or smart phone that is connected to the internet we can easily do business. With this online business, in general has helped improve the economy of the community.

State Revenue Growing

With the existence of this online business, the greater the state income due to the taxes imposed for the business. State revenue from the online business tax, from year to year increasing. Therefore, many people of Indonesia are starting to apply online business in their business. Moreover, online business is now popular around the world including in Indonesia. The existence of this online business can also reduce unemployment in our country because, someone who does not have a job if they have initiatives for business may they will take advantage of the online business.

Online Transactions More Efficient Than Manual Transactions

With easy access to the internet in Indonesia today, people tend to prefer online transactions. In addition to fast and easy, online transactions are also more efficient than manual transactions in markets and stores. As a result now, the business people who market their products simply offline to switch to online media. This inevitably must be done so as not to lose with competitors in business in this modern era.

Internet for Media Promotion

Online business is not only done by ‘new players’ who purely use the internet as a medium of business. People and companies that have long been in the business world only use the internet limited to promotional and advertising tools. For sales and service remains done in a conventional way. Social media is one of the easiest medium to promote an item, considering the number of Social media users in Indonesia today


Unique Facts About Coffee Business In The World

coffee is more than just popular, it is everywhere in the world. no other drink is better known or more respected than coffee. we used to find it in offices, in public buses and trains, and on every kitchen table all over the world. coffee as an export commodity is a multi million dollar business. most of the coffee is consumed by industrialized countries while usually coffee production comes from developing countries. coffee is so loved by everyone now, that coffindo lovers will not know that in ancient times coffee can bring death penalty for those who drink it.

unique facts about coffee business

  1. after crude oil, coffee is the most sought after commodity in the world. the second rank on the list of the world’s basic needs is deserved bearing by the coffee beans. coffee can be worth up to more than 100 billion dollars worldwide, which makes coffee a basic commodity and puts it on a par with commodities such as natural gas, gold, palm oil, sugar and corn.
  2. around the world, we drink more than 500 billion cups of coffee every year. of these, about 14 billion are italian espresso coffee.
  3. the coffee plantation is an economic livelihood for over 25 million people worldwide. coffee is grown in more than 50 countries in asia, africa, south america, central america and the caribbean. and about 67 percent of all coffee consumed by the world comes from plantations in america alone.
  4. although there are different flavors and varieties, there are actually only two types of coffee, namely arabica and robusta. arabica and robusta are two of the most widely marketed and commercially grown coffee beans.
  5. arabica is a more common type of market (almost 70 percent of the world’s coffee is of arabica), and this species is considered more flavorful. while robusta coffee is coffee that has a stronger taste of caffeine and is usually cheaper, most often seen in the instant coffee jar packaging.
  6. more than half of americans over the age of 18 drink coffee regularly every day. the average american coffee drinkers drank three and a half cups of coffee every day.
  7. coffee is a source that meets 75 percent of the caffeine needs in america. significantly, coffee is needed more than tea, soda or other energy drinks.
  8. the coffee shows the fastest growth in the restaurant business. if coffindo lovers sees there seems to be a coffee shop popping up everywhere around coffindo lovers, coffindo lovers might be right – coffee shops have a seven percent annual growth rate. this shows that the coffee business has considerable business potential.
  9. starbucks, by far the american giant coffee company, has the third largest restaurant chain franchise in the us
  10. finland is the country with the most per capita coffee drinkers in the world. meanwhile, brazil as the world’s major coffee producer only ranked 13th on the list.
  11. at first coffee was accused of causing riots, evil incitement and demonic vessels. coffee is not always so popular. originally found in ethiopia, coffee has been banned in places such as cairo, egypt and turkey, where the offender who broke and repeated his deed drank coffee allegedly sewn into a leather bag and dumped into the sea.
  12. 10percent of world coffee production occurs in developing countries. meanwhile, the biggest consumption takes place in industrialized countries. the three largest coffee producers are brazil, vietnam and columbia.


The effect of marketing on business activities

Business is to sell products that can be goods and services, where goods and services produced must have high quality and ready to compete in domestic and even international market. But as good as any quality that is presented if not done a good marketing process then there is no guarantee the product will be enjoyed by consumers.

Imagine if a quality product accumulates in a storage warehouse. Or stay long in the show room. Surely this will not make the company’s cash flow healthy. It will be stuck in payments and the profit will not be achieved. It is therefore understandable that marketing costs have fantastic numbers. Because of that big role to bear.

Marketing itself has a function in promotion, thinking of marketing strategies, improve the brand of a product. Moreover, competitors are increasingly creative day, improving the quality and onslaught of products from abroad. A marketing needs the ability to “read” prospective customers. What the prospective customers want, how the financial condition, tastes, and how the system wanted. Then look for the middle way so that the product can be accepted so that the sale transaction. Not easy to do, but by continuing to practice, a marketing will be skilled.

His expertise is what will make sales increase. So the target that is charged to the marketing can be achieved even exceeded. And this will certainly make profits also shot. Even if there are loyal customers then a continuous purchase can be done. And this is the harvesting period for marketing as well as for the company. If the situation is like this, then live how to cultivate it and make more loyal even can bring a new consumer.

Marketing activities will also introduce products to audiences. Especially if it’s a new product, which is a new challenge to make it acceptable in the hearts of people. Naturally if at the beginning of launching, will do a massive promo to attract sympathy and take place in the hearts of consumers. And when the brand is lifted it will be easier to market it. It’s just that, the quality remains to be united number.



Every company must do the marketing process. This process is what makes the goods from producers can get to the hands of consumers. There needs to be a special strategy in running this process. The focus of this activity is consumers. Consumer service is considered as best as possible to achieve

Marketing success. The usual strategy is marketing mix.

The marketing mix strategy is usually called the marketing mix. This strategy is a combination of important factors that exist within the market itself. These factors are divided into 7, namely product, price, promotion, place, people, process, and physical evidence. These seven factors must be considered in preparing a marketing strategy.

Product is an object in marketing. This sells the products that will provide income and then determine the benefits of the company. The product itself can be either goods or services. The quality of the product should be highly considered in this marketing process. The quality of the product will affect the attractiveness of consumers, so that the big impact in marketing.

Pricing price or pricing should also be highly addressed. Do not let the price offered exceeds the market price in general. This will certainly make consumers reluctant to use our products. Offering too low a price is not a good strategy either. This is because it can give a loss for the company. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the price first before the product goes to market

Promotion is one form of product introduction to consumers. This promotion process can be a publication, or it can be a bonus given to consumers. Publications can be through electronic media (television, radio, internet), posters, pamphlets, billboards, and much more. Bonus itself can be a discount, voucher, product warranty, and so forth.

Consumers will usually be more interested in a bonus offer. Giving bonuses should be followed certain conditions. This is to avoid the loss of the company. Terms can be a bonus timeout, or a bonus may be obtained if the consumer makes a purchase in the amount specified by the company.

Every company must do the marketing process. This process is what makes the goods from producers can get to the hands of consumers. There needs to be a special strategy in running this process. The focus of this activity is consumers. Consumer service is considered as best as possible to achieve


what is marketing mix

Many groupings in the science of marketing that can be run, one of which is the marketing mix. Maybe you often hear or even already know the understanding of marketing mix and the type of marketing mix.

Marketing mix definition

Understanding the marketing mix is ​​a marketing that is done in a mix or together, in the sense of managing marketing strategies that are done in an integrated, or to be easy is a marketing strategy that is done jointly in applying some elements of marketing strategies that exist in marketing mix. This according to some sources about the understanding of marketing mix

According to some terms understanding the marketing mix itself is a set of several variables in which all the marketing variables that can be controlled, and can be used by a company to pursue the level of sales that have been determined in the target marketing. So understanding the marketing mix itself is a goal that must be achieved with some application of mutual cooperation with each other. And for merketing mix itself is divided into several types of marketing mix which among them is

Type of marketing mix

  1. Marketing mix product: in marketing mix product divided into two parts the first is real product that can be directly seen and second is product that can not see but can be felt, like service is one product that can only be felt but does not have form or visible.
  2. Marketing mix price: a marketing strategy that determines the price to be offered to consumers, this is to determine whether the consumer is really buying or not.
  3. Marketing mix place: or we may call distribution, which means a whole series of activities or functions to move a product accompanied by the right of the owner from the producer to the end user or the user.
  4. Marketing mix promotion: a strategy in communicating or conveying product or service information from the seller to the buyer, in this regard we must be smart to develop promotional strategies so that the products we offer can be known by the users or consumers.
  5. Marketing mix participant or people: it means those who are involved in the marketing strategy of the current product or service.
  6. Marketing mix process: marketing activities that show how the service process that we provide to consumers when making purchases of products / services on offer.
  7. Marketing mix physical evidence: it means the physical environment associated with the condition / condition in which also includes the atmosphere.

So that’s the definition of marketing mix and some kind of marketing mix. If you have other speculations you can directly add by commenting below this post, because this is all i know about the understanding of marketing for this. Hopefully the article about understanding the marketing mix and this type of marketing mix helpful for you.…