Variable marketing strategy

In conducting marketing activities, the company must have a strategy before doing the marketing activities. Marketing strategy consists of a variety of strategies that may differ from one company to another. But the purpose of all the same is to increase sales and generate maximum profit. Variable marketing strategy

No market discrimination

This type of marketing strategy, the company does not discriminate consumers based on a specific criterion, so the company meets the needs of consumers in general without discriminating.

This marketing strategy aims to make the sale of products in bulk. The company focuses its attention on all the needs of its consumers. The advantage for companies in using this marketing strategy is the company can streamline costs and weaknesses is the company will experience fierce competition with from other companies that use marketing strategies like this also.

Differentiating markets or differentiated marketing

This marketing strategy, the company classifies consumers based on a certain criterion, so the company will produce and market different and differentiated products for each classified consumer group (market segment) based on the needs and wants of each consumer group.

This marketing strategy aims to increase the confidence of consumer groups that have been grouped on products that have been produced and marketed. With the use of this marketing strategy, the company hopes to be able to increase its sales in the form of consumer groups (market segments) and the weakness of this marketing strategy is that the company has the potential to incur higher costs due to producing varied products in different consumer groups.

Concentrated market or concentrated marketing

Marketing strategy like this, the company focuses its product marketing in several consumer groups by considering the limited resources of the company, so the company focuses its products specifically in accordance with the needs and wants of the focused consumer groups.

Marketing strategy such as this aims so that companies can focus on producing a product to consumers that have been focused so that companies can maximize the product. The advantage of using this marketing strategy is the possibility that the company can get a strong position on the consumer group that has been focused because the company has been focusing its products maximally and the weakness of this marketing strategy is that the company will be faced with great risks if it only depends on certain consumer groups. May be useful.