The Fierce Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, is the fastest production car acceleration. The car that just made its debut with the magnificent at the New York Auto Show, it’s been waiting for many people who crave a Dodge Challenger with a more powerful performance.

Challenger SRT Demon actually uses the base of the Challenger SRT Hellcat, only Demon weighs about 90 kg lighter than Hellcat. The weight gain was obtained from the absence of the front passenger bench, rear seats, 16 speakers and the use of hollow sway bars, and aluminum brake calipers.

Interior of Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Imagine, Hellcat that has a ferocious performance, then improved again its performance to give birth to ‘Demon’. Parties Dodge claims, Demon is the production car with the fastest acceleration currently on the market.

Demon’s mechanical heart uses the same 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine with Hellcat. Its power increases from 707 hp to 840 hp. The increase in power was gained a larger supercharger. Increase boost pressure from 14.5 to 11.6 psi, new piston, and 2 dual-stage fuel pump implementation.

Other performance supporters, increased engine turn speed from 6,200 rpm to 6,500 rpm and combines three sources of air intakes located on the hood, near the driver’s side-lights and the air inlet near the wheel liner.

Transmission of The Demon

For the transmission, Demon equipped with 8-speed automatic transmission Torque lite 8HP90. The torque converter has also been upgraded to give an 18 percent increase in continuous torque multiplication with Trans Brake. The system will lock the transmission shaft output to keep the Demon in its position when it accelerates and allows the engine speed to rise to 2,350 rpm for a perfect start.

Stock engine and performance support that then produces an outstanding performance on a straight road. Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h (exactly 96 km / h) only takes 2.3 seconds. And acceleration distance of 0 – 400 meters only takes 9.65 seconds and in speed 225 km/hour. Not quite up there, Demon then got a world record from the Guinness World Record as a production car whose front wheels lifted as it began to accelerate hard. Reasonable because the style when accelerated is the highest, i.e. 1.8 g for a street car.

Other titles, Demon is the first car in addition to racing cars that can guzzle high octane fuel exceeds 100 for maximum performance. But in standard conditions, it only takes octane 91. For that, the Dodge gives a special box containing a control module that can maximize power 840 hp from Demon.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon production session begins this summer with 3,000 units exclusively for the United States market, and 300 units are thrown into Canada. For the price, it is secret of the Dodge.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Will Be the Single sitter for Highest Hedonism

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will have more power and will save about 200 pounds over Dodge

Dodge preach will release Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody at the dealership with a tag of $ 71,495.

Another novelty to the SRT Challenger Hellcat Widebody is Electronic Power Steering (EPS). Accuracy can adjust for ‘Street’ (Auto), ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’ options.

The Perfect Used Car Care

Used car care is very different from the new car maintenance. Used cars tend to require more attention and specifics to keep the conditions and performance running well. The most important is the process of handling the right and not arbitrary.

Discipline during the process of car maintenance. If you are not discipline and there is a problem with your car. Not a small fee you have to pay.

Used Car

Used Car Care

The rise of cars circulating in the society today, making them to want to immediately have it. But the purchasing power of the people themselves vary.

For people from the middle to upper class, it is definitely able to buy a new car that is in an authorized dealer. Unlike the people from the middle to lower class, of course they will think carefully to decide to buy a new car.

They are more concerned with the more important needs of the car as well as residence. Because indeed their money is limited. To overcome this problem, not a few people decided to buy a used car whose condition is still feasible to wear.

I think that’s the right solution for them, it’s the same function anyway. It’s just that when deciding to buy a used car, the consequences must understand how to care the right and true.

In this article I intend to discuss more deeply about used car care that you may make as a reference, let’s see the explanation together as follows:

1. Service Periodically

Like a new car, service regularly your old car. Service serves to determine the condition of the car thoroughly. Then find out early if there is a problem or damage. So you can handle it well.

For the right time to do the service is usually determined by your subscription workshop every mileage. Do not let you ignore this one point if you do not want your car badly damaged and need heavy repair with high cost.

2. Oil Change

If you want to change the car oil independently should always pay attention to how to change the car oil is good and true. Besides that you also must learn and know how to change the car axle car.

Also understand how long it takes to change the oil, do not be late. The delay can cause a smoky car when in gas. Because basically the main function of the oil itself affects the performance of your car. The pull will be better if the oil is still in good condition.

3. Clean Interior and Exterior

car interior care and car exterior care is necessary to keep the condition clean and comfortable. It also affects the performance of the car itself. Dust is left alone continuously will change the color of the car and can also risk the emergence of rust.

You can do the cleaning process before and after use. Especially used during the rainy season with stagnant streets, you must immediately wash it so as not to quickly porous or rusty.

4. Do Heating Machine Every Day

The second-hand car maintenance is to warm up the engine regularly. Heating machine needs to be done in order to keep the engine condition is still good. Without warming for a long time, then the car will be difficult to ignite. This can trigger damage to your car engine.

Get into the habit of heating the car every morning even if not used. A minimum of 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough. Most importantly the machine can work on a regular basis and there is no lag time too long.

5. Perform Checks on the Battery

Checking the battery is also very necessary to determine the condition of dry water or not. If it starts to dry immediately recharge the battery water in order to return to function properly. Things like this usually caused the battery is often overdrawn.

6. Perform Routine Ban Checks

The contents of the wind on the tire is not perfect cause a sense of discomfort while you’re driving. Too much wind causes the tires to become hard and when interacting with the rocky streets will easily bounce off. While too little angina causes wheels quickly damaged.

7. Check the Conditions of the Water Radiator

A good radiator is in a fully charged state. If when you check the radiator and found the water is not full, then immediately fill up. But you must pay attention to how to change the water of the car radiator to avoid errors later.

Radiator itself is very influential on the engine of the car, if the water in the radiator is not full will cause the engine to become hot quickly. It could be said this part is as cooling the car engine.

8. Perform Routine Cleansing

The Best Ways to inspect a used Car before Purchase

Going for a used car is sometimes the best option when looking to purchase a high-quality vehicle at a much affordable price. While it is advisable to go for the option of buying a cheap used car, a buyer still has to make clever decisions before acquiring the vehicle. In the automotive resale market, there are a lot of options available at your disposal. This would, therefore, call for a thorough check on every vehicle suggested to you.

When buying a cheap used car, there are a lot of things to look out for/ before making your purchase. Often it is better to ask people around you recently got a new car, the things and what to check. However, there are also review websites where you could read about up-to-date questions to ask before getting a cheap used car. Read more about Car Wow to get these reviews.

Here are a few things to inspect before picking the perfect cheap used car for you.

Check both the Car’s interior and exterior

Inspecting the interior and exterior parts of a used car is often done without instructions. Those are the first two parts of an automobile that catches every buyer’s attention. In the real sense, these are the only visible parts you can access in minutes and do not need any professional assistance.

You should check for scratches, bad upholstery, dents on the body parts, and damage accessories. Minor scratches and dings shouldn’t be your major concern because there are whole other things to get yourself worried about. Also, check the door handles on all sides, from the inside and outside to be sure there are in perfect shapes.

Take the Car for a Test Drive

A test drive is a perfect opportunity for you to access the vehicle’s operational condition to conclude if it’s a good fit or not. While on the drive, make sure to check that the warning lights on the dashboard are all in good working conditions. Also, the speedometer and fuel gauge read perfectly fine and clear enough for easy visibility.

When you ignite the engine of the vehicle, try to listen carefully for clicking and cracking sounds from any part of the car. These sounds often indicate a fault in a major or minor part of the vehicle. Ensure that you note the angle at which the sound is coming from to make a complaint to the car dealer or seller.

Involve a Mechanic for your Professional check

There’s a limit to which you know what to check when it comes to the mechanism of a used car. A mechanic will surely spot out technical faults from the vehicle that you’ll possibly miss out on. So having a professional inspect the vehicle is not a waste of time or financial resources. If you have a problem asking your mechanic for this favor, try consulting any pre-purchase inspection stations around you for a thorough check on the vehicle.

There are a few other checks aside from these three, but be rest assured that with the presence of a professional you have everything under controlled.…

4 Tips to Increase the Life of Your Automobile

Our vehicles are a costly investment, and we rely heavily upon them for our daily professional and personal activities. Therefore, it is wise to perform routine maintenance and take time to address issues like auto dent removal Lakewood CO before they get worse.

With these four tips, you can keep your automobile in good health and running smoothly for years to come.

1. Keep an Owner’s Manual on Hand

Not everyone has the manual for their car, but you can easily get one from the vehicle manufacturer, and it is worth making the effort to do so. Having a general knowledge of your car’s mechanical details and specifics can help you select the right parts for it, as well as aid in the communication with repair technicians.

2. Monitor Fluid Levels

Oil, radiator fluid, windshield cleaner are all important factors of a vehicle’s operating system. Whether you take your car in for servicing or perform these tasks on your own, keeping them fresh and filled to the appropriate levels is a simple preventative measure anyone can take.

3. Repair Damage Promptly

Sure, those dents may seem merely cosmetic, but the damage on the surface can extend beyond the fender. If you have experienced a collision or other impact, it is worth investing in a thorough inspection and repair to ensure unseen problems are addressed sooner than later.

4. Take Notice of Tread

It can be easy to take our tires for granted, but we will not get far without them. When you get into your car at the beginning of the day, make it a habit to glance at the condition of the tread and wear on your tires. Bald and imbalanced tires can become hazardous to you and others on the road.

Routine maintenance and repair can feel inconvenient at times, so schedule them in advance with your autobody shop or enter them on your calendar. In the long run, you will be happy you did.

Everything You Need To Know About How Car Shipping Works

There are over 50 million moves of households in the USA every year. A lot of these moves are not just done by people transferring their in-home belongings but their vehicles too. Cars, trucks, boats, all of these things must be replaced from one point to another.

Having these numbers in mind, it’s obvious that millions of people have the need of transferring their vehicles. A lot of them decide to simply drive them to the new home, but there is a number of reasons why this isn’t a smart move.

First, it’s far more expensive even though most of the people think it’s the other way around. Then, it’s safer and finally, it is preserving the environment.

In this article, we’re going to explain how the car shipping works and what is there to know about the whole process. After this, you’ll be more aware of it and you’ll know why it is better to hire the shipping companies.

How to do it?

First, you need to find a company. These are not the same ones as the companies you hire for moving your belongings. Most of them are not able to provide the service you need at this moment. So, you have to find a specialized one. Click here if you don’t like too much searching.

To do it, it’s best to open the internet and browse through the database of the search engines. By typing a few keywords, for example, car shipping and the city you live in or the city you want to move the vehicle from, you’ll get a ton of results with nearby options.

Choose the best

Now it’s time to choose the best one. How to do it? First, see if their previous clients were satisfied by them or not. There are lots of pages providing this information so you won’t have too much trouble about this segment.

When you find a few that previous clients recommend mostly, it’s time to see what they have and can they fit your needs. For example, if you own a boat, not everyone will be capable to help you. Some of them have all the options. You’re supposed to look for these.

Find out about the price

Different agencies charge by a different method. Some will offer a price by a mile and some will offer complete coverage without too much trouble. There’s no better option or the best choice to make. You need to make a comparison between the offers you get and choose the best one.

Never accept the lowest. There’s always something hidden behind that. This company will charge you additionally after they transport your vehicle. The most expensive ones should also be avoided. Yes, they’ll surely do a good job but is there a need for paying so much for something you can get at a much lower price?

Look for more sources and get more quotes. Depending on the day, season, and the number of orders they have at the moment, your quote may be very different from one to another company. That’s why you should pay more attention to this. You can end up saving a lot of money from it.

The actual transfer

When you make a choice and sign the agreement, you’ll leave your information and pay about the service. Make sure the company has a good insurance policy because if something unexpected happens, you’ll want to have it all covered.

When they get the information about the transfer, you’ll both agree on when to pick the car up and where it needs to be left off. After this, all you have to do is relax and wait for the shipment.

When they drop off your vehicle, don’t forget to inspect it before you sign the papers for accepting the shipment. If there’s something suspicious or wrong, the insurance won’t accept the complaint if you sign without inspecting. All this must be done before because later will simply be too late.

If you’re satisfied with what you get, don’t forget to leave some good rating on the internet about the company you were working with. If you’re not, do it too. A good client-business depends on sharing information so that other people can make a better choice after you.


This is how car shipping works. If you read everything above, you’ll understand how things work. You see, it’s nothing special and it is really easy to be done. All you have to do is pay a little more attention to finding the best one.

Details are also very important. You can save a lot of money and still get good service if you can choose between different dates of receiving the service you’re asking for. Whatever you choose, it’s clear that car shipping is very easy if …

Lease Car Hire Cape City

It is properly documented that car leasing can be financially useful for both companies and for most people – however it is simple to get bogged down with all the totally different options which are out there to you. As a result of the payments are partly primarily based on the cost of depreciation (how a lot cash the car loses over the term). For this service, the leasing company usually pays him a commission. In the event you finish the lease early, charges will be as costly as sticking with the contract.\n\nSo far as automobile leasing goes you only should pay for the portion of the entire automobile worth fairly than the automobile itself. Search for cheap car leases in Bristol with KAYAK and lease a automotive that suits you finest. In order for you a automobile fast, it also has stock vehicles (so you get restricted alternative on the spec) that it will probably deliver rapidly.\n\nAt the moment we take a look at 4 the explanation why you must use automobile leasing as your next type of Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide Automobile Finance. You have to verify if the corporate you’ve approached also gives such provides. Not everyone has the time to learn our complete Lease Guide earlier than they go looking for their dream automobile lease deal.\n\nNo. A broker merely acts as an agent for the lease firm, so you don’t deal instantly with the leasing company till you begin to make monthly payments. Once once more the roomy and comfy midsize Kia Optima sedan gets the biggest bang for the buck provide with this cut-charge lease deal.\n\nSports vehicles price extra to insure than Sedans. Whereas many individuals will not have £106,000 up entrance to pay for an Aston Martin DB9 coupe, as an example, the £1500 a month for a lease deal is more achievable. Month-to-month Rentals From £207.10 with preliminary Rental of £1863.ninety followed by 23 of £207.10 inc VAT 24 months contract, 10000 mpa.\n\nIt is usually cheaper than the package the finance company’s trying to flog you. Monthly Rentals From £a hundred and forty.15 with initial Rental of £1261.33 followed by 35 of £one hundred forty.15 inc VAT 36 months contract, 10000 mpa. There are several phrases and circumstances to be considered whereas hiring cars.\n\nWhen you keep missing payments, they’ll mark you in default, and will seemingly begin charging you late cost expenses. It offers you with hassle-free motoring for a fixed monthly fee, on a brand-new vehicle that is delivered to your door. Different tax benefits embody up to 100 per cent aid if the automotive is used solely for business purposes.…

3 Potential Automotive Careers

Do you love cars? Have you always been fascinated by the mechanical inner workings of automobiles? If so, maybe a career in the automotive industry is right for you. There are plenty of opportunities available in this field, with requirements ranging from no formal education to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering. Below, find some information regarding the job duties and education requirements for a few of the different careers you could pursue in the automotive career field.

Automotive Technician or Mechanic

When thinking about automotive careers, people often immediately think of automotive technicians or mechanics. People in this field are typically responsible for the general maintenance of vehicles, with job duties usually including oil changes, repairs, and regularly scheduled servicing. Automotive technicians or mechanics don’t often need formal collegiate education, but may need a certificate or associate’s degree, or even just on-the-job training. These workers are often employed by car companies and dealerships or private mechanic shops. If you love working on cars, this could be the perfect career for you.

Car Salesman

If you enjoy being around cars and people, maybe you should consider selling cars. Most people who own a car have experienced working with a car salesman. These people may need no formal education and are usually responsible for selling used or new cars to consumers. Car salesmen could work for large car dealerships specific to a certain make of car or smaller companies, or even those that specialize in finding cars at auctions.

Automotive Engineer

The role of automotive engineer is one of the highest-paying careers in the automotive industry, so if a great salary is important to you, this might be the perfect career for you. As automotive engineers are responsible for the actual design and development of different types of vehicles, they require at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and may even demand a graduate degree. These engineers get to troubleshoot problems with existing designs and work to develop better vehicles.…