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Getting Your Car Serviced at a Main Dealer

Getting Your Car Serviced at a Main Dealer

It would be an easy mistake to make to think that getting your car serviced at a smaller, cheaper garage would be a sensible idea that would automatically save you money. However this is sometimes far from the truth. In this article we explain how tough competition has forced dealerships to make themselves more appealing and more competitive.

The classic image of the car dealership is a shiny place full of shiny things where vast amounts of money pass hands. This is true – to an extent. New and used cars are bought and sold every day in car dealerships across the country. But once these cars come out of their warranty period many drivers stop taking them for service at the dealership and instead choose to visit a smaller garage with a lower labour rate in order to save money.

In some cases it took a while, but many main dealers cottoned on to this and eventually started making tracks to win their customers back. Selling the car makes the dealerships a one off profit, but the longevity is in the regular service and maintenance of the vehicle, as well as maintaining a good relationship with their customer in the hope they return to buy their next car too.

So what has changed? Well not the labour rate. Main dealership labour rates are still generally more than your average ‘back street’ garage. Sadly many drivers only look at this factor and nothing else, convincing themselves they are getting a better deal from ‘Sammy’s Autos’ down the road.

But, Mr Driver, have you checked Sammy’s qualifications recently? When’s the last time he went on a course to keep up to date with the latest technology which governs your car? Is it likely that for A�25 per hour Sammy can afford to buy the latest computer equipment designed and engineering specifically to diagnose your vehicle’s fault? And what if the part Sammy fits fails in 23 months time? Do you think he will replace it for free?

Now, I don’t mean to have a go at Sammy here. There are many, many fine and genuine mechanics around. But the simple fact is that manufacturers are producing such highly engineered vehicles these days, run to maximum efficiency by computers and chips, that the Sammys of the world can rarely afford the equipment necessary to take care of your car to the fullest extent. Mechanically, they can deal with many elements of the car, but the electronics require certain equipment which is produced at a very high price many mechanics cannot afford.

To further entice the customer back many main dealers offer a service above and beyond that of a smaller garage. Take a look at this list of extras available from a local Volkswagen chain on the South Coast:

Courtesy cars

Lifts to and from home

Free collection and delivery services

24 month part warranty

12 month labour warranty

Price match promise within 5 miles

Service plans to break down costs into monthly payments

Free MOT for the life of your service plan

Free exterior bulb and wiper blade fitment

Free visual health checks

Free car wash and vacuum

Can your local non franchise garage offer all, or even half of this?

If you have a much older car dealerships are probably not for you. If the franchise no longer stocks parts then they are not always the best bet for you, especially if your local independent garage has a knowledge of cars of that era. If you have a classic car you may be best off finding an expert, or a local garage who have experience of dealing with your specific car. Much has changed and it’s always best to find someone in the know.

But if your car is of servicable age through a main dealer you may well find the many benefits of allowing them to service your car vastly outweighs the slightly higher labour rate. If you can find a garage like the one near me, they’ll even price match the local garage you were considering.…

Drive Safe in the Winter Months

Drive Safe in the Winter Months

Just like with driving at any other time of year, tyres are one of most important parts of your vehicle. Every motorist needs to ensure that their tyres are in good condition, with adequate tread depth, no irregular wear and that the air pressure is at the correct level as required by your vehicle.

If you find that your tyres are not up to the legal standard of 1.6mm of tread depth across 75% of the tyre, you will need to order new tyres as soon as possible. Luckily, there are many online tyre retailers that have special deals on at the moment when it comes to buying new tyres. One of the great reasons for buying a new set of tyres online is that you can fully research and then shop around for the best prices without even needing to get up from your chair – making it quick, safe and convenient.

Just like summer or all-season tyres, winter tyres must be checked on a regular basis for any warnings signs of irregular wear or damage to the sidewall. Again, just like with other tyres, the tread depth should be tested at least once or twice a month – probably more if you drive more often. Also, the tyre’s pressure levels should be checked once a fortnight and always before you set off on a long drive – with Christmas approaching quickly, the chances of a long journey are quite high.

It is important that winter tyres are not taken for granted. They are just as likely to be affected by external factors as a summer tyre is – perhaps they are actually more likely to be be damaged seen as they are mainly used in terrible driving conditions) so once you have them fitted, don’t neglect them. Keep a regular eye on the tread depth, the pressure levels and the overall condition of the tyre. If you notice anything wrong with them, get them replaced immediately. Don’t take risks when it comes to your safety.

As the old adage says, prevention is much better than cure. The reason this is being brought up, is to raise the issue of booking a pre-winter car service. By doing this, your local garage will be able to discover any small issues that could potentially become a big problem when you are driving in ruthless conditions.…

How to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

How to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

With the economy remaining uncertain over the short term, millions of people are tightening their fiscal belts. They’re making the choice to keep their vehicles a few more years rather than upgrading to a new model. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to take the necessary steps to make your car last longer.

To be sure, your vehicle will eventually reach the point where paying for repairs and replacement parts becomes more expensive than it’s worth. Until that time, however, ongoing maintenance is critical for ensuring your car performs efficiently. We’ll offer a few suggestions below that will help you keep your vehicle in great condition for as long as possible.

Maintain The Fluid Levels

Your engine, transmission, brake system, and power steering all depend on a healthy supply of fluids. If there is an insufficient amount, these assemblies and systems will either fail or sustain damage. Get into the habit of checking the fluid levels every two or three weeks. Doing so requires less than fifteen minutes.

To check the oil, make sure your engine is cool. Then, pop the hood, pull out the dipstick, clean it with a rag, and insert it back into its slot. Pull it out again and make sure the level is full.

You’ll need to warm the engine before checking the transmission fluid (do this by letting it idle in Park for a few minutes). If your car is front-wheel drive, you’ll see another dipstick protruding from the transaxle. Pull it out, clean it, and reinsert it into its slot. Pull it back out and check the level. Then, examine and smell it. If it looks dark or smells like burnt toast, have it changed.

Checking the brake and power steering fluid is simple. For the former, locate the master cylinder on the driver’s side near the rear of the engine. You’ll find a transparent reservoir through which you’ll be able to see the level. The reservoir that contains the power steering fluid is usually on the passenger’s side. It too, is see-through, so you’ll be able to note the level without removing the cap.

Keep these fluid levels full. It only takes a few minutes to check and replenish them. Doing so can prevent expensive damage to your engine and transmission while preserving the response of your brakes and steering.

Wait Ten Seconds After Cranking The Engine

When you turn your car off, the oil that circulates through your engine during operation drips down into the oil pan. After several hours, there is no oil left in the assembly to lubricate the moving parts. When you start your car, it takes a few seconds for the oil to move from the pan into the engine. Immediately hitting high RPMs during these few seconds is incredibly hard on the assembly. Once you turn the key and crank the engine, let it idle at low RPMs for ten seconds before putting it into gear.

Check And Trust Your Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual contains a service schedule based on mileage intervals. If you diligently follow this schedule in having maintenance performed and parts replaced (when needed), you’re far less likely to experience problems. Keep in mind these manuals were written by the automakers. They have a vested interested in making sure you do everything possible to keep your car in good condition.

If your owner’s manual suggest having the transmission fluid changed every 50,000 miles, do so. If your spark plugs need to be replaced every 70,000 miles, make sure it happens. If the manual recommends replacing the fuel filter every two years, have it replaced on schedule.

Keep the fluid levels replenished, allow the oil to circulate through the engine after startup, and follow your owner’s manual with regard to ongoing maintenance. If you do these things, you’ll help extend the life of your vehicle as long as possible.…

Know Your Driver

Know Your Driver

It is important that every client and customer knows exactly the duties of the DIA car service drivers and chauffeurs and what to expect from them. When hiring a transportation service it is imperative that your driver be a professional in every aspect and has extensive training as a driver. He should be well aware of his duties and work strictly by the rules.

Your driver should be trained well when it comes to being on road. You should make sure of his professional expertise as a driver because after all he is responsible for your life. When you are on the road with your driver, he is in charge of the vehicle and it is essential that he be aware of how important careful driving is. The DIA town car service chauffeurs and drivers should be licensed and should have cleared their driving tests with perfection. He should be aware of all the routes around the city. If he does not know the destination or the area where a client is supposed to be taken then he should prepare for it beforehand by consulting maps. This way he will not cause any kind of inconvenience by taking extra time to reach the destination. Denver car service chauffeurs should be aware of and abide by all traffic rules. A good driver should be a part-chauffeur and part-guide to the customers that are new to the town. He should be able to suggest sight-seeing spots, recreational spots, areas of historic significance, good markets for shopping and restaurants to eat at.

The DIA car service driver should be impeccably dressed, whether or not he is a uniformed driver. His manners should be polite and civil. He should be aware of customer courtesy gestures like opening and closing the car doors, asking for the preferred thermostat inside the car, checking with the customer if they are comfortable with a particular speed limit and asking if they prefer music or not etc. And if the driver has a great smile then it is just a cherry on top.

Keeping his assigned car and vehicle spotless and immaculate is of utmost importance for every DIA town car service driver. He should keep the car properly cleaned, aired and well-maintained at all times to avoid any mishaps during travel.

Lastly, it is very important that all Denver car service drivers and chauffeurs keep a strict time table for themselves. They should never be late in arriving at the job and should pick their designated clients on time. They should also adhere to the time table of their clients and get them to their destinations on time.…

Personal Car Versus Rental Car Service

Personal Car Versus Rental Car Service

To own a personal car can rather be expensive than using Denver Airport Transportation. There are many situations where you opt for Denver Car Service rather than driving in your own personal car. A car can easily be availed today on the leasing system from the bank. And every month you have to pay regularly the lease otherwise you have to pay the fine or they may even take the car back. Thus every month you have to make some arrangements to pay to the bank. However if you succeeded in paying all the episodes of the lease, you possess the car. And the expense doesn’t end here. You have to pay for the registration too. Traveling in a hired car service you don’t have to pay for anything except a certain amount of fixed fare.

You have to maintain your car, regularly check the oil, the water level etc. Have to go to the car wash after a month or so. Check the tires of the car everyday or you may end up with a flat tire. In a DIA car service what you all got to do is to book a car and without any hassle, it would be at your doorstep at your specified time.

It may happen that you may have to drive as well as to call an important client. Both things are necessary but you can not do both things together. In a DIA transportation you don’t have to worry for your ways, you can attend your calls or work on your laptop and the DIA transportation drivers will be driving the transport for you. These drivers of Denver Car services know their routes well and they would drop you to your destination well on time.

There is also a possibility that you are unaware of a place you have to go. You will have to leave early in your car, may take some wrong routes, and waste your time as well as petrol in this process. The Denver Airport Transportation rental companies have modern amenities like GPS system and well-trained drivers who can take you to all your destinations.

If you have to go the airport, you may have to take a favor of your some friend or a relative to drop you or you would have to leave your car at the Denver Airport. With Denver Airport Transportation, you don’t have to worry about the car or to take the favor of any of your relative. These transportation companies have shuttle service that they pick and drop you to and from the airport. Thus, it can be said that in some ways DIA car service is cheaper and reliable than your own personal car.…