what is marketing mix

Many groupings in the science of marketing that can be run, one of which is the marketing mix. Maybe you often hear or even already know the understanding of marketing mix and the type of marketing mix.

Marketing mix definition

Understanding the marketing mix is ​​a marketing that is done in a mix or together, in the sense of managing marketing strategies that are done in an integrated, or to be easy is a marketing strategy that is done jointly in applying some elements of marketing strategies that exist in marketing mix. This according to some sources about the understanding of marketing mix

According to some terms understanding the marketing mix itself is a set of several variables in which all the marketing variables that can be controlled, and can be used by a company to pursue the level of sales that have been determined in the target marketing. So understanding the marketing mix itself is a goal that must be achieved with some application of mutual cooperation with each other. And for merketing mix itself is divided into several types of marketing mix which among them is

Type of marketing mix

  1. Marketing mix product: in marketing mix product divided into two parts the first is real product that can be directly seen and second is product that can not see but can be felt, like service is one product that can only be felt but does not have form or visible.
  2. Marketing mix price: a marketing strategy that determines the price to be offered to consumers, this is to determine whether the consumer is really buying or not.
  3. Marketing mix place: or we may call distribution, which means a whole series of activities or functions to move a product accompanied by the right of the owner from the producer to the end user or the user.
  4. Marketing mix promotion: a strategy in communicating or conveying product or service information from the seller to the buyer, in this regard we must be smart to develop promotional strategies so that the products we offer can be known by the users or consumers.
  5. Marketing mix participant or people: it means those who are involved in the marketing strategy of the current product or service.
  6. Marketing mix process: marketing activities that show how the service process that we provide to consumers when making purchases of products / services on offer.
  7. Marketing mix physical evidence: it means the physical environment associated with the condition / condition in which also includes the atmosphere.

So that’s the definition of marketing mix and some kind of marketing mix. If you have other speculations you can directly add by commenting below this post, because this is all i know about the understanding of marketing for this. Hopefully the article about understanding the marketing mix and this type of marketing mix helpful for you.