5 Tips on How to Find the Right Miami Airport Transportation Company

5 Tips on How to Find the Right Miami Airport Transportation Company

Miami, the city of movies, TV soaps, and video games, has many more things to offer than scenic locations for movie, games, and TV directors to shoot. The city is a major finance, commerce, and business hub, and it plays a very important role in international trade because of which many business associates fly to the city, which makes it a major market for Miami airport transportation limo service.

Hiring a Miami limo is not a big deal here, but hiring a right kind of Miami airport car service becomes daunting in the peak hours when Miami International Airport is bustling with incoming traffic. The airport helps 35 million passengers commute to and from the city every single year, which means the airport serves 2.92 million passengers every month, and close to 100,000 passengers every day. It is a lot of traffic.

It becomes very difficult to hire a reliable limousine in such situation. But, there is a way out, and by reading so far you have just reached to the threshold of the door that leads you out of such tight situations.

5 Miami airport transportation limo finding tips

Hiring a Miami airport car service is not going to be any difficult by the time you finish reading this article. The process is not complicated; all it needs is a bit control on your emotion and a lot of planning followed by successful execution of the plan. The tips I am going to share here will help you a great deal in finding a right Miami limo for your ride.

Before calling any limo service provider in Miami, you need to check your own schedule. To do so, answer the following questions

When will you land in the city, and at what time?

Do you need a limo just to transfer you to and from Miami airport, or will you keep it during the stay as well?

For how long are you planning to rent a Miami limo?

When will you leave the city?

Once you are aware of the time and duration for which you will need a Miami limousine, you need to fix a tentative budget before starting to hunt for the right limo rental company.

Make a list of things you need in your limousine and things you can do without.

Research on the net, read reviews, and ask your clients or vendor (if you are on the business meeting) for recommendation.

Book t least 10 days in advance, if not earlier. Ask if you can make the changes in your schedule or not, in case you need to. Also ask if you will have to pay any charge for that.

A quick view of Miami

I prefer roaming through the city even when on a business trip. This helps me understand the culture and society of the city as well as the business that operates in it. Therefore, I recommend you to visit …

Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Airport Limo Service

Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Airport Limo Service

There are many reasons for someone to use an airport limo service. Many people have different reasons for hiring limo services to the airport, for instance when going on a honeymoon after a wedding, going on vacation, traveling for a business trip, receiving a senior business client, and many more. The services offered by airport limos can provide very comfortable and classy alternatives to more conventional taxi transport services. Tourists who are not very fond of public transport can use limousines for airport travel. These services will provide fast and efficient travel to and from the airport and will enable you to get to your destination on time, especially if you do not know the area very well. Riding in a limousine is certainly an unforgettable experience, but there are some factors that need to be considered before settling for a specific company or limo service provider.

Some of these factors include:

Time outline: The time that the limousines are in service is a very important point for you to know before securing their services. Although many limo services function 24 hours a day, there are some that do not. It is important for you to get a rental package or plan that covers 24 hours as opposed to an hourly rental plan that others offer. You also have to consider your needs and requirements before choosing a plan so that you do not get a plan that turns out to be useless to you. If an hourly plan is more suited to your purpose, it is better to go with that kind of plan. This also applies to the 24 hour plan. The competition that exists among airport limo service companies will give you a lot of options in terms of the service and plan you want.

The price of the service: It is very important for you to evaluate the different options available to you in terms of cost. In order for you to get the best deal from an airport limo service, research is required. Do not settle on the first company you come across without comparing it with other available options. If you do this, you might pay extra for a service that can be found for a much lower price at another limo company. The limousine charges vary with seasons and time of service.

The payment terms: The method of payment should also be considered. Different airport limo services accept different methods of payment. Some companies will accept only cash payments and credit cards while others are flexible and will allow you to pay online through their websites. It is important for you to choose an airport limo service that will allow you to pay in a manner that you prefer. Doing this will give you complete control over the payment, making it easier and more convenient.

Reliability of the service provider: Knowing the company and the type of service they offer is crucial. This will …

What to Look For in a MOT Service

What to Look For in a MOT Service

If your vehicle is over 3 years old then once a year you will have to, by law, book it in for a MOT Test. The MOT Test is very closely regulated and as such you can only take your vehicle to approved MOT Test centres.

The Test has a long history and was created to try and cut down on the high amount of traffic fatalities that were coming all too common place in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

What is checked in a MOT Test?

During a test, many different parts of the car are checked and tested to ensure that they are in the correct working order and are not likely to cause an accident. When doing a test the approved and qualified technician is not allowed to take the car a part to do the tests. Everything must remain intact.

The main parts of the car tested are:

Lighting Equipment

Steering (including suspension)


Car Tyres

Seat Belts

Driver’s view of the road

Windscreen Wipers



Exhaust system

Exhaust emissions

All the mirrors

The Fuel system

Registration plates and Vehicle Identification Number

Where to find a MOT Test Centre

Like mentioned before, MOT Test Centres are regulated and have to comply to certain standards before they can carry out MOTs. At present it is estimated that there are around 19,000 authorised test centres throughout Britain.

If a garage has met the requirements and is allowed to carry out test then it will have a blue MOT sign (which consists of three white triangles all pointing into the centre). There are many different web sites set up with a MOT Test Centre search tool and so it should be fairly easy for you to find a test centre near you.

Preparing Your Vehicle for the MOT Test

To keep you vehicle in top condition is it recommended that you book it in for a car service at least every 6,000 miles. By booking it in for a relatively regular car service you can help to keep all the parts of the vehicle, that are vital to your car passing the MOT test, in great condition.

There are some quick and easy things you can do to prepare your car for its MOT test. This not only helps to make the tester’s job easier, but also allows you to spot anything that could potentially fail your car and allows you to correct it before the test takes place.

Check that all your tires are in good condition and have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm

Check that all the lights are fitted with working bulbs

Check the seat belts function properly and are not excessively worn

Make sure that your boot is not full or cluttered and that the car is generally clean on both the interior as well as the exterior

Make sure that the body work is not overly damaged. Basically, ensure that there are no sharp …

The Cost of Renting a Limo Vs Getting a DUI

The Cost of Renting a Limo Vs Getting a DUI

When you see a limousine approaching, you may think it’s a celebrity inside. But have you ever thought of renting a limousine to take you around on a night that you are drinking? Read on to find out why that may be a much better idea than driving yourself under the influence.

Standard Prices

A standard six-person limousine starts around $65 -$100 an hour. The rate can increase to $100 -$300 per hour for newer, more popular, or more unusual vehicles such as a Rolls Royce, Escalade, or a stretch Hummer seating up to 30 passengers.

Rates can change for more popular areas, during peak times, or during big weekends such as high school prom month. Furthermore, many companies have package prices for specific types of events. A wedding package may include a “Just Married” sign, flowers and balloons. A prom or other event might have a red carpet. For an exclusive limousine service between 4 and 8 hours, you can expect to pay at least $400 -$600 for a 6-8 passenger limousine, and possibly $800 -$1,800 or more depending on the type of vehicle, perks, and luxury options such as a mini bar, leather interior or video screen.

Alternate Cost

The alternative to finding appropriate transportation for your night out such as a limousine might be a ride with the police – and a driving-under-the-influence conviction on your record. Even if there were no injuries, the bail, fees, fines, and insurance costs will typically be in the thousands of dollars.

Stiff penalties are intended to discourage the dangerous behavior of drinking and driving. Fines vary among states, but most are hundreds of dollars, some over $1000. Your car gets towed. Your insurance rates will be doubled or even more. Some companies may even drop you the moment you’re arrested. A new company will often assess your records for three to five years, during which time you’ll need to have no further violations. Legal fees from the attorney will range from $250 for a simple guilty plea, to a few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars for representation to contest the criminal charge. Alcohol evaluation, education, and treatment are often required on conviction before your license is returned – then there is a fee even for that a leg bracelet that may be part of your sentence. The cost can be well over $1000.

In short, even the most expensive night of limousine service is much more than the cheapest DUI.

Living the Life

Possibly the best part is that once you choose a limousine as the way to get to the next club or home for the night, you will be enjoying your night out in the utmost of style. Many limo services provide an assortment of beverages for you, or at least allow you to consume your own. There is no danger involved, as you are not behind the wheel. You will arrive at the establishment …

On the Nose – What Your Car’s Weird Smells Are Telling You

On the Nose – What Your Car’s Weird Smells Are Telling You

Because a car can’t speak (at east not yet, anyway) it is difficult for them to tell us when something is wrong. There are, however, several warning signs that your vehicle is capable of producing to alert you that there may be a problem somewhere. These signs may come in the form of strange noises like squeaks, rattles, squeals or clangs, or they may come in the form of odd-looking leaks or jolty driving. Another way that a car can grab your attention to tell you all is not well is by producing a smell. Much like a baby will produce a bad smell when they need to be changed, a car will start to create all kinds of unique and often unpleasant odors in order to remind you to take it in for a car service! If you start to smell something a bit off (and no one in the car is wearing a guilty expression) then it might be time to have it looked at. Here are just a few of the possible explanations for why your car might be a little funky-smelling.

Pungent and Acidic

If your car has a kind of acidic, chemical smell that is similar to bleach or another very strong cleaning product, it could be a result of some coolant having leaked onto the tailpipe and burning, creating an acrid smoke. This will usually happen when your car has been driving for a long period of time and is therefore very hot. You should check your coolant levels and if they are low have a mechanic check for leaks.

Mould and Mildew

Mouldy or damp smells can be the result of many things. If you have left some damp clothing or perhaps towels from the beach in your car, and the car has been subsequently shut up for an extended period of time, the smell could be resolved simply by removing the damp item. In other cases, this could signify that water has made its way into your car through a gap in the window seal or some other way, in which case you need to check for water damage and then have the seals replaced.


If your car has a strong smell of petrol even a while after you have filled it up then you should stop and determine the source of the smell. It could be that there is a leak in your fuel line or another petrol leak in which case you must not drive it and have it towed away for immediate service. Fuel, as you know, is incredibly flammable, and if there is a leak you do not want to risk igniting it.

Keeping your nose open for disturbing smells is just another way you can monitor how it is running. Many mechanics will attest to the fact that the first warning signs something is awry come from smells, sounds or evidence of liquid leaks, …

There’s Only One Way To Get To Special Events

There’s Only One Way To Get To Special Events

There are many ways to get to and from events, both important and mundane. For most events, driving your everyday car is perfectly suitable. Sometimes, you need something bigger, like a mini van for taking the kids to soccer practice. Once in a while, you might need to borrow a truck when moving large pieces of furniture from one place to another. For other occasions, like trips across country, you might want to take an RV so that the whole family can be comfortable during the trip.

But what about those occasions that occur only once in a lifetime? What about those occasions that you have been looking forward to in your entire life, and know that you will remember every moment of it? For moments like these, there is only one option: a limousine.

For some people, the occasion that they have been dreaming of is their senior prom. Months were spent figuring out what color dress she would wear and what texture the vest of his tuxedo would be. Dinner reservations may have been made as much as six months in advance, and the planning committee at the school doubtless spent the entire year planning the entire event. With everything else lined up perfectly, would you want to ruin even fifteen minutes of the occasion by taking them to prom in a mini van?

For other people, this occasion is their marriage. The bride, dreaming of her wedding day since she was a little girl, has known exactly what dress she was going to wear for almost her entire life. The chapel was booked out quite far in advance, and the place of the reception booked almost immediately after. Would it be appropriate to spend this much time, effort, and money in planning the perfect wedding only to allow the bride and groom drive away in a Pinto?

The answer to both of these questions is, without hesitation, a resolute no. In fact, there’s only one way that transportation to events like the senior prom and a wedding should be handled, and that way is with a limousine. That’s because there exists no grander way to travel distances within a city than inside of a long, elegantly-stretched limousine, waxed and shine to a mirror’s edge and driven by the professionalism and courtesy of a chauffeur.

While the cost of a limousine might cause some people to initially bulk, is that any reason to cause even a moment of such a special day to be tarnished? Would it be right to spoil the most enduring moment of a wedding or a prom by the embarrassment felt at arriving or leaving from the event in an old, beat up vehicle, or something as grossly inappropriate as a minivan? For anyone with a modicum of class and decent, the only answer to this is, again, no. Just this once, go a little bit further with your planning. Just this once, take things …

Thoughts About Hiring a Car Service

Thoughts About Hiring a Car Service

Many people wonder if it’s a good idea to hire a car service. They may wonder what occasions would merit it, the pros and cons and who is behind the wheel. A car service is a business that provides transportation in different types of vehicles with a chauffeur behind the wheel. It can be luxurious, a savvy business tactic or simply practical. Here are some things to think about.

– Occasions that would merit this choice: There are various circumstances when it is wise to engage a driver to get behind the wheel. These situations would include romantic occasions such as weddings, proms or anniversaries. Business meetings that are held while in the back of a luxurious sedan can make an impressive impact on a client. It makes the company who hired the chauffeur and town car to appear powerful and wealthy. This is a great impression to make when trying to generate sales or sign contracts.

– Pros and cons: The positive aspects of hiring a limo are multiple including that it is that it is memorable, makes a statement and allows everyone to be a passenger. Passengers can imbibe in alcoholic beverages without breaking the law by driving. This is especially helpful in party events. The chauffeurs are well trained and may know all the route short-cuts and best parking spots. Some cons include that it will entail an extra outlay of cash and reservations must often be made in advance.

– Who is driving? Chauffeurs and drivers must have stellar driving records in order to be hired by a limo company. Most have excellent map reading skills and know how to get everyone to their destinations safely and promptly.

– Different types of vehicles: A limo service has a wider variety of autos than one might imagine. There may be black or white stretch limousines, elegant town cars or Cadillacs, and vans for ride sharing. Unusual stretch vehicles including Hummers or Jeeps may provide a memorable SUV experience. These automobiles are in tiptop shape in terms of vehicular maintenance and cleanliness.

– Luxurious: Many of these autos have leather seats, topnotch stereo systems, champagne buckets and more. Having a chauffeur is luxurious all by itself! Who hasn’t wanted to say “Home, James!” after a night out?

– Savvy business tactic: A business person who wants to cinch the deal by appearing “in charge” may want to hire a limo to scoop up their client. This is impressive to say the least. A client who is trying to decide who to hire as a broker or legal representative may be convinced after this gesture.

– Practical choice: Sometimes hiring a car service is just plain practical. Using a limo for airport transportation can create a relaxing first step for traveling away on a vacation. Who wants to carry their own luggage, park their own car and maneuver through freeway traffic when they can be picked up at their house and dropped at …

Useful Things to Know to Get a Great Car Service

Useful Things to Know to Get a Great Car Service

A lot assume all the hard work is done once they have purchased the car. Most don’t consider the care a car requires after the purchase to maintain it in good condition. Proper servicing of your car is always important to maintain your car in a dependable condition. Servicing should be done at least once every year to prevent your car from letting you down on any important occasion. Regular servicing will help your vehicle continue to keep running smooth for a long period of time and also will help you to avoid sudden costly repairs. When you buy a new car, manufacturers may give you a schedule on how often the car should be serviced. If you follow that schedule you can maintain your car in a very good condition and this will surely increase the life of the car.

There are certain things to be aware like if your car starts to produce some sounds or if it shows some other malfunctioning indications you must take the car for service immediately. If any damage or anything strange has happened to your vehicle make sure to contact your car service centre quickly because in certain cases, continuing to drive will worsen the condition. Also beware of cheap car servicing, a lot of these cheap car servicing companies don’t provide warranties to back up there work, which can result in a very poor quality of work while you get stuck with the bill.

Oil is an important element that can damage your engine if not properly maintained. Oil should be replaced after 3000 to 5000 miles in order to lengthen the life of your car engine. Another important thing you should take care is the oil filter. Make sure you use the proper oil filter for your vehicles specifications.

The next part that should be maintained regularly is the air filter. An air filter is used to remove the dust particles from the air. It should be replaced at least every 6 months to a year depending on your driving frequency. Another component that requires maintenance in the car is the spark plugs. These plugs can have a major effect on performance if not changed regularly. Then check all of your running lights, brake lights, turning signals, and reverse lights to make sure they are all working properly to ensure your safety during night travel.

All these servicing tips can be done very easily by you if you have the proper knowledge. But it is better if servicing is done by the manufacturer service providers to get the best results, and if the vehicle is newer, some car services centres provide free car maintenance which can help you save lots of money and ensure your vehicle dependability. When you leave your car for servicing periodically the service provider will usually have a loaner car for you if your vehicle requires an extended stay. Also a service reminder note is usually …

Knowing How to Service Your Car Can Be Useful

Knowing How to Service Your Car Can Be Useful

Your car is a very expensive and complicated piece of machinery that needs regular maintenance to stay in good running condition. Not only does regular maintenance keep your car in good running condition it also protects the resale value and mechanical safety of your car in check. It’s very important to select a garage that you trust with your vehicle, look for shops that have certified mechanics for your specific make of vehicle and have had good reviews in the past by others. Also look for garages that offer deals, many will have combination deals that offer things like a free tire rotation with an oil change, these deals are a great way to save money.

The things that need to be maintained on your car regularly are oil and oil filter, plugs and wires, various fluids including coolant, brake, power steering, checks on brakes and possibly engine and transmission stability. If maintained regularly bigger and more costly problems are less likely to occur. Car servicing costs can be very low on these regular maintenance checks but the problems they prevent are quite costly to repair.

A great way to save even more money is to service your car yourself. Many regular maintenance tasks are quick easy and cheap to do on your own, all you need is some basic tools and general automotive know how. Doing at home car repairs can be a great way to save money but can also damage your car if done incorrectly, make sure you know what you are doing before starting any at home repairs, consider buying a repair manual for your vehicle at an auto parts store, these manuals a will be a lifesaver and time saver when doing any at home car maintenance.

When getting your car serviced never allow a mechanic or garage tell you what needs to be done, ask questions, ask why the repair needs to be done, ask how long the repair will take, ask how much the repair will cost, ask if the garage guarantees their repairs, a reputable garage will be able to answer all of your questions. Most garages will do diagnostics checks on your vehicle to tell them what exactly is wrong with the car make sure you understand the diagnostics, what they mean and what the implications of the results are. Also don’t be afraid to take your vehicle to several different garages and get several different quotes, especially for bigger, more expensive repairs.

Taking your vehicle to a certified dealership for your car’s make is always a good idea. Specific dealers often have reasonable prices and they employ mechanics that have been trained to work on your specific vehicle. These dealers are directly certified from the automobile company themselves and are much more efficient with repairs on your specific vehicle. If there isn’t a certified dealer for your car’s make near you ask the garages that you visit if they have experience …

Event Planning: Choosing a Limo Company to Recommend to Clients

Event Planning: Choosing a Limo Company to Recommend to Clients

As an event planner, you know that your clients expect the very best from every option you recommend to them, including transportation. That’s why it’s so important to find a limousine company that you can consistently recommend to your clients. Here are a few steps you should consider taking to properly vet any chauffeured transport company before recommending them to your clientele.

Look at Reviews, References

When you are initially looking into chauffeured transport services, one of the best initial indicators of a company’s quality and reliability are the reviews that other customers have given them. Check several established review sites to get a reasonable feel for the quality of the company’s services to narrow down the field. At that point, call top contenders and ask if they have references they can provide. Follow up with those references about the service they received, any problems they encountered, and what resolution the limo company provided to solve the issue.

Ask Other Event Planners

Your professional network indubitably includes at least a few trustworthy event planners who work or have worked in your city. Reach out to this network and ask them for their experiences with local limousine companies. They may have a very different perspective from other limousine clientele, which can give you insight into how they will work with your events.

Arrange an Interview

Once you’ve narrowed the field to a small handful of limousine companies you might consider recommending to your clients, you should arrange an interview with management. Considering the volume of business you will bring to their company, management should have no issues with speaking with you. Prepare a set of questions for them to answer, either in person or over email. Be sure to ask follow up questions to be certain you understand exactly how they operate. Problem solving should be an emphasis during this interview.

Go for a Ride

At this point, it’s time to test the product itself. Arrange to have a limousine pick you up for a schedule similar to one of the events you would plan. If you plan weddings, consider having the limo around all day to account for bridal hair appointments, dressing, pictures, ceremony, reception, and send-off. Make it fit in with your life by using the service to run errands or to take your friends out for a fun filled day. Be sure to pay attention to the chauffeur’s professionalism, punctuality, availability, and flexibility to changing announced plans. Events, especially large ones, can be hectic, so understanding how the company’s employees handle change is essential.

Keep Evaluating

After going on a few ride-alongs, you will probably have a top candidate or two in mind and feel confident with recommending them to your clients. However, you cannot rest on your laurels at this point. Be vigilant about how your recommended limo company treats your clients and how your clients feel about their services. Send clients follow-up questionnaires specifically regarding the …

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