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3 Road Trip Tips

Americans love road trips. Fortunately, there are nearly 4.2 million miles of highways and byways to accommodate plenty of excursions. Some individuals travel to all the big-league ballparks, visit important historical sites or even seek adventure along iconic destinations like Route 66. Every journey has its own unique route, but one thing all road trips have in common is the need for thoughtful planning and preparation. Here are steps all motorists should take before embarking on a long drive.

Road Tracks

One of the first rules of road trips states the driver gets to choose the music. Playing tunes that are upbeat and enjoyed by everyone in the party is a good way to keep the good vibes going. Whatever you listen to, however, have the playlist or CD selection ready before embarking so you can keep your eyes and focus firmly on the road.

Car Check

Always inspect the car before taking a trip. Top off all fluids, ensure wipers and signal lights are working and don’t forget to check the battery. If it’s been many years since it was replaced, or if the car is slow to start, it might be time to look for new batteries Winter Garden FL or in your area. Tires also should be reviewed for proper pressure and tread depth.

Route Loot

While many fun road trips have begun with no destination in mind, most excursions are designed to reach a specific location. It’s a good idea, then, to study the route and familiarize yourself with the twists and turns along the way. GPS technology is a big benefit on trips, allowing drivers to use smartphones and other devices as de facto navigators. Don’t forget to also have paper maps in the car, however, as Wi-Fi service may be spotty or even unavailable, especially when heading deep into the forest or desert. Additionally, have an alternate route worked out in case of unexpected weather, road closures or traffic delays.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom and excitement of a road trip. Try these tips to help you drive and thrive.