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3 Signs Your Alternator Needs Attention

You should always look to take good care of your car. If you need an alternator repair Portland Oregon residents should know what to look for. There are often warning signs that will tell you it’s time to make an appointment with the mechanic.

Service Engine Light

You should never ignore your service engine light when it comes on. It is your vehicle telling you that there is some kind of problem. While it might be your alternator, it might also be something else. Rather than resetting it and forgetting about it, take it to your mechanic to learn what’s going on once and for all.

Engine Keeps Stalling

If you have had your engine stall on more than one occasion, it’s probably not a fluke. This is often as a result of a failed alternator. You don’t want your engine to continue to stall, which is what will happen if your alternator is bad. If you need a new one, it’s best to find out as early as possible. Otherwise, you could end up doing serious damage to a few other parts under the hood, too.

Dead Battery

If you find that your battery is dead, the problem may not actually be your battery. This means that if you get a jump, consider making an appointment. You may learn that there’s a problem with your alternator, which is why your battery isn’t charging properly.

While you don’t have to diagnose your own car, you should pay attention to the symptoms of a bad alternator. It may be possible to catch the problem before you find yourself stranded in your driveway or a parking lot.

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