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4 Questions To Ask When Buying a Used Boat

If you enjoy being out on the lake or the ocean, you’ve likely considered buying a boat. Purchasing a used boat is a great way to save money if the boat is sound. Here are some questions to ask before buying a used boat.

1. Is the Engine in Good Shape?

Before you purchase that boat, you’ll likely pay a hull surveyor or a mechanic to check the engine, but there are also things you should look for as well. See if there are any leaks or corrosion visible. Also, make sure the belts aren’t worn. Minor problems can be fixed by ordering marine engine room parts, but If you notice too many issues, that boat might not be worth the price after all.

2. Has the Boat Had Major Repairs?

Another warning sign is if the boat has had major repairs done. Hopefully, the seller will be honest enough to tell you if that’s the case, but you should also look for things such as uneven gel coat or colors that don’t match. Also, look for rust on the hinges and drawer pulls. Such indications could mean that the boat sank at some point. Fresh paint in the engine room could be another red flag.

3. Are There Cracks in the Fiberglass?

Look for cracks in the fiberglass. Tiny ones aren’t a problem, but if those cracks are two inches long or longer, it’s time to look for another boat.

4. Are Mold and Mildew Visible?

Once mold starts to grow, it can spread rapidly and cause health problems, so be sure to check for signs of it on the boat’s interior, especially hold areas and carpet as well as the seats. If you see signs of it, don’t buy the boat.

By answering these questions, you could protect yourself from a purchase that will provide more headaches than pleasure.