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How to Choose the Right Cough Drop

When one is experiencing a cough or cold, it is important to take every step to make the situation more comfortable. For these symptoms, one often will invest in some simple cough drops. That said, coughs can come in a few different forms. Thus, there are a few different kinds of cough drops available for purchase. Without knowing the specifics of their differences, you might end up buying cough drops that are not going to alleviate the symptoms that you bought them for. The following information will introduce you to the differences in cough drops and their active ingredients.

If you are experiencing a sore throat, cough drops with numbing agents are essential. Menthol, eucalyptus, and benzocaine are normally the ingredients you will see that have this purpose. The ingredients listed here also act as expectorants, which means they help you to expel mucus. Unfortunately, these types of cough drops cannot be taken for too long or else they will begin to irritate your throat. Normally it is best to not take them for more than a few days. You will want to speak with your doctor if your symptoms do not improve after a few days.

Some coughs are dry and painful, and do not actually result in being helpful to rid you of your infection. The cough is not helpful and you simply need it to end in this instance. This will probably be the easiest issue to address when it comes to purchasing cough drops. This dry cough will often be combated with menthol, as it acts as a numbing agent and a cough suppressant. Other ingredients that perform the same function are called antitussives. Since menthol is almost always present in cough drops, this should be the easiest coughing related issue to combat.

Honey, zinc, and vitamin C are often used to combat other symptoms of a cold. As such, many types of cough drops will also come as honey flavored. Ginger and echinacea also come up in the ingredients to help your boy recover more quickly. Still, since there is no concrete evidence behind the use of such ingredients, it is prudent to note that they may not be effective. That said, these ingredients in small amounts are certainly no harm to you, so it is fine to see if they help.

Buying cough drops is almost always a step in the process of recovering from a cold. Sometimes you want to know which types will be the most helpful. Basically if you get cough drops with less numbing agents, they will be less effective but also not irritate you. Cough drops should never be your only source of fighting off the infection. Be sure to stay hydrated and take additional medicine if possible. It is our hope that this article will be helpful to you as you purchase cough drops.
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