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A Meaningful Proposal

A Meaningful Proposal

You’ve always suspected it, but now you’re certain: the woman you’re in love with is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. But how can you make sure that your proposal is everything she’s ever dreamed of? Here are a few ideas to consider to make popping the question memorable and meaningful to the both of you. Whether you plan on proposing in the back of a limousine or at home, you’re sure to give her a proposal she will never forget!

Pick the Date Wisely

Though you may want to propose as soon as possible once you realize she’s the woman you want to marry, it’s important to take a moment to think about when you will propose. Are there any special days coming up for you as a couple? Valentine’s Day is a popular choice for romantics, but there are other options. If your lady goes all out for her birthday, consider surprising her the night before. Some women adore the idea of dating anniversaries, and an anniversary celebration can mask your true reason to be celebrating until the right moment!

Think Back

Once you’ve got the date planned, it’s important to start thinking over your relationship to find the things that mean the most to her so that you can incorporate them into your proposal. Did your first date happen at a restaurant or landmark that you both still enjoy? Did you take lots of long romantic walks when you first started dating? Are outdoor sports a favorite hobby? Incorporating places and activities you love can help to amp up the personal meaning to your proposal.

Think About Her

Your proposal is a moment she’s probably dreamed of all her life. Has she dropped any hints to you? Is she the kind of girl who wants you to ask her parents first, or does she find that tradition clashes with her feminist values? Will she want you to use her full name or a nickname when you ask? If you can, it’s important to live up to those expectations she’s always had about her engagement day. Friends and family can help you with some of these things if you aren’t sure, so ask around if you need to!

Hire a Limo

Be sure to hire a limousine to drive you around for the night to make her feel like a queen! If you want to keep things a secret until the big moment, you can always schedule the limo to pick you up after dinner or after your proposal to drive you to her favorite little dessert shop so that you can start talking about wedding plans! No matter how fancy or down to earth your sweetie is, ladies love the excitement that riding in a limo brings to their night. Hiring a limo as a part of your engagement shows her what a special lady she is to you and how much you care.

No matter how you go about it, make sure that your beloved knows exactly how much you love her when you propose. That way, it won’t matter if you wear a tux or jeans, propose over champagne in a limo or propose under a tree; she’ll say the sweetest word you can hear: “Yes!”