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Caution – Used Car Extended Warranty Service Contracts

Caution – Used Car Extended Warranty Service Contracts

The more I think about how dealerships run their business, the more I want to write about it to warn unsuspecting people. Too often people are being scammed into purchasing a used car extended warranty service contract from a dealership when they don’t really have to. They’re tricked into believing that it should be purchased immediately and that is should be purchased from the dealer. Little do these people know, they could save hundreds to thousands on an extended warranty by dealing directly with a warranty service contract company.

Dealerships are the king of liars and thieves, they rehearse sales presentations in order to lure in these poor unknowledgeable car buyers. Used car extended warranty service contracts are on the top of the list of overpriced products in the country. It’s all about making a quick profit. The dealers easily hike up the extended warranty quote from $100 to $1200-$1300. That is a humongous jump that shouldn’t even ever be made. Then the car buyer has to spend money for administration and finance charges on the vehicle. Too much money is being added on and car buyers are completely unaware that they’re overspending when they really don’t have to.

There are various types of extended car warranties out there that offer all kinds of coverage. You can find some that offer basic internal engine and transmission protection and others that offer coverage from bumper-to-bumper. Then there are those in between that offer coverage for power train, AC, starter and other small items. So all-in-all, you’re better off looking up car extended warranty service contracts on your own. There are plenty of comparison websites you can use that will allow you to compare your matches side-by-side. Make sure you’re getting proper coverage for a great price.

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