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Find Upscale CEO Transportation For Your Business Needs Through a Limousine Service

Find Upscale CEO Transportation For Your Business Needs Through a Limousine Service

When you need to provide CEO transportation for an upcoming business event or meeting, it’s important to know how to choose the right New York limousine service. Not all luxury car services are the same. Limousine companies vary in pricing, services offered, types of vehicles available, etc. So it’s wise to compare a few and prepare in advance when arranging CEO transportation. These tips can help you find the New York limo service to fit your needs and budget.

Comparing Apples with Apples

When comparing New York limousine services, be sure you’re comparing all the same features and services along with overall pricing for the service. Every limousine company has its own pricing schedule, driver tip methods and types of cars being offered. When you compare pricing, be sure to get an idea of the total price including any extra fees, tips and hourly rates. You’ll find that some services offer an all-inclusive price that has the chauffeur tip already figured in, while others leave the tipping to the passenger. Some may charge extra for add-on luxury features, such as television, champagne, radio, phone, etc. There may also be added charges for special needs, such as child seats or handicap access.

If you need New York airport limousine services for a business associate or client, the fees may be lower than other special outings. Don’t only focus on finding the lowest possible price, but try to find the best quality service that’s within your budget. When entertaining CEOs for business purposes, keep in mind that your fees may be tax deductible as you can definitely afford to provide the best possible CEO transportation.

View the Company’s Fleet

Every company offers its own fleet of limos, from stretch limousines to luxury Hummers to SUV limos. View the entire fleet online or in a brochure to find out what types of luxury cars are available as well as the passenger and luggage capacity of each. If you need a New York limo for three or more guests, try to secure a car with extra seating for added comfort. Also, ask about the year, make and model of each car to be sure the company has up-to-date models. Important: Be sure the limousine won’t smell like smoke!

Safety Issues

Consider whether the limousine service carries adequate insurance, has reliable drivers that have been with the company a while, and also provides cars with modern safety features. If there’s an accident, you’ll want to be sure the company has proper licensing and insurance to cover any medical needs that may arise, or any belongings that become damaged. If a company can’t provide proof of adequate insurance, don’t risk it. Find a service that bends over backwards to give you peace of mind.

Other Considerations

If your client or business associate plans to stay a while, then you might ask the limo service if it offers package deals. Some NY limo services offer corporate discounts if you use their service often. Also, ask if the chauffeur will be formal or casual, and if he will provide assistance with luggage. Establish where the limo will be parked and how your guest will be able to recognize the driver or car when he arrives. Be sure to book the limousine service as early as possible. You should reserve it at least a few weeks in advance if possible.

Searching for a reliable limousine service can now be achieved right from your home computer. Go to a major search engine like Google, and type in key phrases based on your limo rental needs. Some examples: JFK limousine; Newark airport limousine; Brooklyn limousine service; NY limousine; or New York luxury car service. Use these tips to find the best possible CEO transportation for your guest to make his stay as pleasant and convenient as possible!

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