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Get Your Truck Ready to Hit the Beach

It’s time to hit the beach! Prep your truck ahead of time to make the most of your summertime fun. The waves are calling, and you want to enjoy your time. Here are some things to consider to prep your truck for those sandy shores.


Every vehicle needs annual maintenance, but older vehicles often need additional love before going off the beaten path. You’ll want to make sure you’ve checked the tires, lights, fluids and maintenance schedule before you head out. Fixing these items beforehand can save you trouble driving on the sandy shore. Look for used Ram truck parts to save money on fixing up your truck.


Spending time on the beach doesn’t only mean renting a condo, house or hotel room. Those can become really pricey even if they come with a relaxing shower. You can carry everything you need for a beach getaway right on your truck. Take a tent with you that you set up or choose one that sits on the bed of the truck. These handy tents keep you off the ground. You can also add a shower tent to clean off the sand and salt before turning in for the night.


If you plan to spend the night or the day on the beach, you want to make sure you take food with you. There are no restaurants out on those beautiful beaches. Pack the cooler and some bags with enough food for your time out there. You’ll want healthy foods, hydrating foods and snacks.


The sun keeps the beaches inviting and warm. Without the proper gear, you might leave looking more like a lobster than a human. Take your favorite sunscreen with you and reapply every two hours minimally during the day. Hats and popups can provide some excellent shade for the day. You want to enjoy your beach time. With a little preplanning, you can.

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