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Getting Rid of an Old Car

If you have an old vehicle sitting in your yard and it has been there for quite a while, you may want to think about selling it to a junk dealer who will use it for parts. Finding one of these vendors on the internet is easy if you enter the following: junk your car Chicago IL. You will get a few names that come up. When you call them, first ask if they will pay for a car you have. Most of the time, the dealer will come to your home and tow the vehicle off your property. They will often give you a very low price for it, but, if it has been sitting for a long time, it is better to be rid of it. The dealer will take it back to his business and strip it to get parts he can resell.

Selling Parts of Your Vehicles

You may decide that you will strip the car yourself and contact a junk dealer and sell the individual parts yourself. This is okay for you to do if you have the time and patience to take the car apart. Once you have taken it apart, you will then have to contact several dealers in order to get rid of the parts you have. This is very time consuming and requires a lot more work from you. It is usually best to contact a dealer and have him take the entire vehicle.

How the Junk Dealer Resells

Most junk dealers have open lots; which means that anyone who needs something can come on his property and search around to find what they want. Some dealers are very organized and separate what they have by category while others simply have piles and piles of things. Believe it or not, most of them will know about where the article you want is located. He picks a price to charge for the piece you need and can often be negotiable.

Retail Purchases Versus Junk Purchases

Buying auto parts from a retail store can run into a lot of money and people have found that there are times when purchasing from a junk dealer, they have gotten a good piece and saved a lot of money. Most mechanical things from a car should be checked carefully as they may not work as they should. But, if you are looking for a replacement fender or bumper for your car, buying it from one of these lots is very cost effective. The paint on a used piece can be sanded down and repainted to match your vehicle.

Replacement parts for any car can be very hard to get. You may need to contact the manufacturer of the car to get the part you need. Prior to doing that, you may want to look first at a junk dealers lot. This will also save you time since you will not have to wait for the manufacturer to ship the piece to you.