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High Tech Cars Help Keep Roads Safe

Modern cars have an impressive amount of built-in technology. This technology helps to prevent theft, reduce accident rates, and overcome driver distraction, among other things. Here are a few types of technological advancements that modern cars have and how they can benefit you as the car owner.

Keys With Computer Chips

When car manufacturers introduced electronic ignition keys, it was with an eye toward theft prevention. These cars require a signal from the key to the onboard computer in order to start the car. The key is paired to the car, so no other key will send the correct signal. Old-fashioned hot-wiring is unable to trick the computer into starting the car. If you have a car with this type of key, you know that you’ll end up stuck if you lose or damage your key. Thankfully, services for remote key replacement Germantown MD can help you reprogram your existing key if it gets damaged. They can also program a replacement key for you if you lose yours.

Driver Assist

Various safety features are available on modern cars that can help a driver overcome limitations and difficulties. Tools such as cross-traffic or blind-spot sensors can alert drivers to cars that might make backing up or changing lanes unsafely. These cars are often in areas with limited visibility, so sensors add a great deal of safety to these activities.

Onboard Navigation

Some cars come with navigation systems installed, and others connect with a smartphone to use the phone’s navigation app. With either system, drivers can benefit from having a map of their surroundings displayed on a large screen on the dashboard. They don’t have to try to see their phone’s small screen and can navigate completely hands-free, allowing them to better focus on their driving.

Technological features of modern cars help keep drivers and their passengers safer and more comfortable on the road. When you’re looking for a car, consider which of these might be most important to you.

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