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How to Start a Shuttle Car Service

How to Start a Shuttle Car Service

If you are an individual who enjoys driving, meeting new people, and making a fair amount of cash, you may want to consider starting up your own shuttle car service. These companies offer a number of benefits, including flexibility, limited start-up expenses, and wonderful pay. In this article, we will outline the basics to starting your very own shuttle car service.

Step 1 – Obtain your commercial driver’s license. In order to receive it, you must pass both skill and written knowledge tests. You must receive at least an 80% on the written portion, where as the skill test will involve real life driving in a vehicle resembling one which you will operate on the job. To find out more about testing locations and study guides, simply contact your location DMV.

Step 2 – Find yourself a reliable vehicle for your car service. If you are interested in limo service, shop for limos. Airport shuttles often pertain to passenger vans. Evaluate your options and proceed accordingly. Either way, it is recommended that business owners purchase newer vehicles, as it could turn into an embarrassing situation should your used limo brake down during a job. Check out various dealerships online and in person to find the best pricing in your region.

Step 3 – If you will be hiring employees, start with a dispatch operator. This individual with require excellent communication skills, and have experience working in the field. You can start by placing an ad in your local paper’s wanted section.

Step 4 – Shop around the insurance. You will require commercial insurance for your business, and should take the time to review various policies to find your company the best one possible. You will require insurance for your vehicle, property, and worker’s comp, to start. Many agencies offer discounts to those who require plans with multiple accounts (property, vehicle). Shop around and gather quotes before making a final decision.

Step 5 – Advertise! Make your name known to those around you. You can start by placing ads in your local yellow pages and print publications. Print up brochures and place them at local businesses affiliated with your type of service. Contract a web designer to make up a web site, and place ads online. Make sure you include all services alongside the hourly rate, and any special services you offer.

Step 6 – Once you’ve gained a few clients, make sure to place a strong emphasis on customer service. Word of mouth can often be the best form of advertising around. Utilize this resource and watch your new business flourish.

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