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Maintenance Tips for Your Anilox Roll Printing Press

Using chemicals to clean your anilox rolls requires some knowledge and precision. Depending on the type of metal your roll is made from and the porousness of your ceramic coating, you need to utilize different cleaners and techniques.

If you have a printer with anilox rolls, this article will detail some maintenance tips. Keep reading to learn more.

  • First, you need to choose the right anilox cleaners for your machine. Aluminum rolls are more susceptible to corrosion, so ensure the cleaning solution is aluminum safe.
  • It would be best if you cleaned the anilox roll after every use. You or whoever is operating the press should follow a daily cleaning and inspection policy. The ceramic rolls require stainless steel brushes. Never use a brass brush.
  • The ceramic coating on anilox rolls is susceptible to chipping and scrapes. When moving the rolls, always use two hands or a dedicated hoist. Never allow the roll to drag on the ground or roll freely.
  • In between ink changes, check the doctor blades. If there is ink buildup, you need to clean them off. If you use doctor blades, use magnets and filters to prevent scoring on the ceramic.
  • Ink should circulate, and the roll should rotate while in press. Ink can dry on the ceramic cells if you let the press sit without circulation.
  • After cleaning, always rinse off the cleaning solution. The aluminum can be damaged if you leave corrosive chemicals on your anilox roll.

Maintaining a printing press with an anilox roll takes discipline and consistent practices. Never use a cleaner that is too acidic for your anilox. Please pay attention to the materials you use on your printer and clean them every day after use. It is easier to maintain healthy habits over time than it is to make significant repairs and replace expensive equipment because of negligence.

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