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Some Important Considerations for a Dry Cleaning Business

From men’s suits to evening gowns, it’s important to be able to take care of these garments so that they’ll look good for years to come. Proper garment care means having access to a professional dry cleaners to clean items that would otherwise be damaged in a washing machine. If you’re thinking about providing dry cleaning services in a neighborhood that needs one, here are some things to consider.

Go Independent or Open a Franchise

If your research shows that there’s a need for a dry cleaning business, you’ll need to pick a location that is strategic and secure the funding to open your store. Carefully consider whether to start your own company from scratch or opening a franchise location of an existing chain of dry cleaners. With a franchise, there’s likely an existing operationsmodel for you to follow and the local, regional or national name recognition may help build your client base. As an independent store, you get to call the shots.

Selecting Business Tools

A successful dry cleaning business requires the use of specialized equipment. In addition to procuring that equipment, you’ll also need to figure out what tools you’ll need. For example, if your store will have a delivery component, you’ll need to think about company vehicles as well as other tools such as dry cleaning mobile phone delivery software for drivers. You also have to consider the technology or machines used to accept payments and manage financial records.

Covering Your Business

As a business owner, it’s important to have the appropriate insurance policies that protects your company against claims and losses. This will include property insurance, workers’ compensation, commercial auto insurance for drivers as well as other coverages specific to a dry cleaning business. An uncovered claim could shut your store down.

Having close access to a dry cleaning business is important to many people. For some folks, it’s almost as essential to the neighborhood as a supermarket or pharmacy. There are many things to consider for a dry cleaning business, so planning and research are a must.

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