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Small businesses consist of privately owned corporations, partnerships, or single proprietorships which have few staff and make little yearly revenue compared to medium-sized business. The number of employees in a small business are greater than fifteen but not more than five hundred Small businesses can also be categorized according to annual revenues,, annual sales, the value of assets, or by the annual gross or net profits. Business marketing is a promotion practice of personalities or organizations that includes commercial businesses, governments and institutions Industrial marketing or business to business can be used in the place of business marketing. Small businesses are made up of derived demand. The derived demand occurs as a result of consumer market.

Small businesses always aim to sell their products and services. Small businesses achieve the goal by structuring the business in a way that satisfies the needs of the customers and solves their problems. The wisest thing that the owner of a small business can come up with a marketing plan. The marketing plan clearly summaries how you the business will reach the ideal customers through effective implementation of the marketing strategy. There are some ways of promoting a small business. The first, most important step is to update a marketing plan. Starting a market research and conducting a focus group is the second step. This is followed by business to business branding which involves applying brand standards such as email. The internet plays a major role in business marketing, it has become an essential part of a client to a business relationship. Even if maintaining good customer relationship is necessary, it is also challenging. There is a need for small business owners to shift from one way communication methods to advanced methods which promote benefit sharing between customers and the proprietors. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,, Snap chat, P terest, allow persons to create content and publish their opinions publicly concerning the goods and services they bought from different business. Online research is mainly common for prices whose prices are higher such as edible goods like groceries. Small business can use various techniques of digital marketing in order to benefit them. Digital marketing allows online customer support all day and all week to make customers feel supported and valued. Through social media, small businesses can get reviews from clients and also select the best platform for communication.

Through this digital marketing is increasingly becoming an advantage to brands and businesses. Today, customers share their experience with product through social media. Word of mouth possess greater influence to clients since it is not sent directly from the business and is therefore not planned. It is progressively beneficial for businesses to use social media platforms to connect with their customers and create dialogues and discussions.Practical and Helpful Tips: Marketing

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