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Three Different Ways To Upgrade Your Garage

If you find yourself spending a lot of time in your garage, then you may be wondering about ways to make it more comfortable. As man caves and she-sheds grew in popularity, so did the idea of luxury garages. These are very different from the dark dirty rooms that you park your car in and then rush out of. Garages can be places to relax with your friends, show off your collection or just tinker in comfort.

Gear Head Garage

If you use your garage to work on vehicles, then your upgrade should include a lift. Lifts used to be just for repair shops, but they have edged their way into many residential homes. A simple search for “Truck lifts in my area“, will show you equipment made for home garages.

Also, consider adding large industrial lighting so you can work past the sunset. A ventilation system will keep the air fresh and the fumes low. Stick with efficient storage that allows for easy access and organization.

Collector’s Garage

For those who have many collectible vehicles, displaying them is key. Install a black and white checkered floor for a classic look that highlights your car’s paint job. Consider adding a wall mural or large mirrors. Platform parking lifts give homeowners the ability to display more cars in a small area. You could even install a car turntable to make maneuvering easier.

Man Cave

If you love your car, but leave the repairs to a mechanic, then maybe you want to turn your garage into a man cave. For this type of design, you’ll need to go all-in with the automobile theme. Imagine a high-end dealer showroom. Include pictures of cars and some gas station memorabilia. You’ll need a comfortable seating area and maybe even a bar. Don’t try to cover up the fact that you are in the garage. Instead, showcase your love of vehicles and their history.

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