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What Is the Best Transportation From LAX Airport to Disneyland?

What Is the Best Transportation From LAX Airport to Disneyland?

Los Angeles Airport and Disneyland in Anaheim are two of the busiest and most famous places in California. If you’re travelling from LAX and your first stop over is Disneyland, it is ideal to plan the most convenient route from the airport. A trip to Disneyland can always be exciting and special, most especially for first timers. You don’t want to ruin all the excitement by choosing the wrong LAX airport transportation.

There are a number of modes of transportation that you can choose from. If you’re staying at hotels near the Disneyland area, some of them offer free or low cost shuttles from LAX to Disneyland. Taking a public transportation is also an option. If you are willing to walk, take the train, and transfer from station to station, then this wouldn’t be a problem for you. However, traffic in Los Angeles during weekdays can only go from bad to worse. Travelling through public transportation may take two to three hours.

In comparison with those other options, the best way to travel from LAX to Disneyland is through a town car service. A town car service can provide you with convenience, comfort, and safety that you need. Getting around LAX is quite stressful already considering the crowd and the long lines. You don’t need to experience the same situation once you step out of the airport.

Luckily, hiring a town car service provides a lot of options as well. There are many car rental companies around Los Angeles that promise to provide you with the best service. In order to choose the most reliable company, make sure to do your research before your actual trip. By doing so, you will have time to shop for quotes, read reviews online, and make an informed decision.

Once you have chosen the company that fulfills your needs, you can book a reservation online or over the phone. Your work is done after that. On the day of your flight, a driver will meet and greet you at the airport. He will take care of the entire trip from there. You don’t need to worry about directions, traffic, and your luggage. You can also cut your travel time almost in half compared to taking a public transportation.

Hiring a town car service can truly be considered as the best transportation to get from LAX to Disneyland. It may cost a little more than taking the public transportation, but the comfort that it will provide you is definitely priceless.

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