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When Your Business Should Hire a Car, Limo, or Taxi Service Vs Handling Airport Runs on Your Own

When Your Business Should Hire a Car, Limo, or Taxi Service Vs Handling Airport Runs on Your Own

The way in which business-related airport travel is handled reflects your company’s relationship with and attitude toward the person being transported. Make sure that you’re aware of what message you’re sending with the travel arrangements you make and consider the logistics of each specific travel situation carefully to see if it’s better for you to hire an airport car service or to handle the airport run on your own. That way, the trip will go smoothly, and your business contact will arrive or leave with a good impression of your company.

There are a number of elements to consider when it comes to coordinating airport travel arrangements. First and foremost, you should determine what option–hiring an airport shuttle or car service or taking care of transport individually–is logistically viable. There are already a number of stressors around air travel, so it’s essential to go with the airport transit option that won’t add to that burden. If there is any reason why it would be difficult for you to pick up or drop off your business contact at the airport on time, call an airport taxi, town car service, or shuttle service. If, on the other hand, you, or another company representative, are able to transport the person in question without trouble–and if you have an appropriate vehicle in which to do so–showing that type of personal attention to your contact may well be beneficial to your business relationship.

In addition to logistical concerns, it’s also essential to take into account what image you will convey with your airport transit choice. If the traveler in question is a VIP client, for example, it might be better to hire a private limo, chauffeur, or car service to pick them up or take them to the airport. Alternatively, if close individual connections are part of your business model and practice, picking up a guest or client in person may well serve you better than hiring a vehicle for them. Both options have their benefits, but both communicate a very different message. Before you make any airport travel arrangements, think about how you want the person who is being picked up or dropped off to feel about your company, and choose the travel option that will best serve and support that desired image.

Business travel is part of almost every company, large or small. If you have a business contact coming to visit, think through the logistics of the travel arrangements, as well as what sense of your company you want them to have, well beforehand.

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