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Common Causes of Large Truck Crashes

The causes of large truck crashes vary greatly and include factors related to both the vehicle and the driver. Because there are so many of these trucks out on the road at any given time, there are many incidents to study to determine the most likely risk factors of an accident. Three common causes of crashes are vehicle brake issues, driver distraction and driver fatigue.

Brake Problems

Brake malfunctions can easily lead to accidents in any vehicle. But when combined with the gross weight of the vehicle and high highway speeds, they are particularly problematic in large trucks. Brake problems can be caused by overheating. Overheating often occurs in hilly or mountainous areas where brakes must be applied regularly. Even if the overheating issue doesn’t cause a crash, it may still render the vehicle useless and require heavy duty towing Anderson CA.

Driver Distraction

The same things that distract the operators of passenger vehicles distract large truck drivers. Although there are policies in place with many trucking companies to minimize this risk, some operators choose to ignore them. Cell phone usage, eating or drinking and focusing on navigational devices can all lead to drivers veering off course and colliding with other vehicles or structures.

Driver Fatigue

Federal laws and corporate policies have been put in place to encourage driver safety by combatting fatigue. Drivers are required to rest for a certain number of hours during shifts, and limits are placed on how many consecutive hours may be driven. However, even when these guidelines are followed by operators, driver fatigue is still a prevalent cause of large truck crashes. 

Large truck crash statistics reveal a multitude of causes behind large truck crashes. Often, more than one cause is identified when an accident is studied. However, brake problems, driver distraction and driver fatigue often top the list of findings when experts study the most common factors behind large truck crashes.

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