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Tips for Concealed Carry

If you are going to carry a concealed weapon, your comfort is paramount. Although you can choose comfortable clothing, holsters and positions, there are a few other things you can do to increase your comfort with carrying your firearm.

Carry Every Time You Leave the House

You need to get used to carrying constantly. Therefore, you need to carry your firearm every time you leave your home. You may even carry your weapon inside your home. Choose different holsters that can be worn with different clothing options so you have options. You can also purchase carry-specific clothing, such as concealed carry clothing for security guards, undergarment holsters and vests or jackets made to carry. Just be sure to have a number of options so that you feel comfortable concealing your weapon in any outfit.

Pursue Consistent Training

One of the best ways to get comfortable with carrying a weapon, whether it is concealed or not, is by pursuing training. Not only should you gain general firearms training, but you also need to take classes on your state’s concealed carry laws. You should also know the laws in other states you plan to visit.

Choose courses that focus on your skills and knowledge, not on getting your money and allowing you to shoot a few rounds. You need to be fully prepared when you leave these courses. Don’t think that only getting the minimum requirements will prepare you mentally or physically. Be responsible and gain as much experience and knowledge as you can.

Avoid Touching Your Weapon in Public

When you first start carrying concealed, you may have a tendency or desire to reach for your weapon. This may be a conscious or unconscious action. You may be thinking that you need to make sure it is still there or is fully concealed, but this can actually expose your firearm to others. You should also adjust your gun in public. If it is uncomfortable or has shifted, find a bathroom or other private area to readjust. Choosing a tight-fitting holster will go a long way to preventing adjustments and ensuring that your firearm doesn’t move and shift.

Practice, education and self-control are assets when you are carrying concealed weapons.